Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mets Opening Day 2021

 April 11, 2021

Once again, there was hardly any traffic on the way to Flushing. No issues parking and parking was free this time around. 

We're not going to cover the New York State rules of engagement for sporting events again, but you can read about it here when we discussed it during the Yankees' Opening Day post. 

Back to the day at hand. Lisa prepared sausage and peppers, chicken wings, burgers, hot dogs, and garlic fries. It was a spread for the Queens of Queens (if you don't understand this reference, you're too young to read our blog). Again, we basically crushed it. At this point, our teams should be hiring us to prepare meals for them. And also, to pitch out of the bullpen. And possibly to help the players learn how to better accessorize. We're jacks of all trades. 

Mrs. Met came by our seats to see how we were doing. She had quite a lot to say. She was clearly pissed off, which means she fit right in with us. She stayed most of the game with us because she enjoyed our miserable company so much. 

Just like for the Yankees' game, the view from our seats were ideal. No one around to annoy us or question our knowledge for baseball. Or hit on us. 

The Mets typically win their home opener, so when they started losing, Lisa was convinced it was because we weren't there. So...things started to get a little dicey. We turned to Mr. and Mrs. Met for comfort. 

And things got out of control...

In the end, the Mets did actually go on to win their home opener. Of course, they did it in quite an interesting fashion this time around with Conforto stepping into a pitch with bases loaded, which allowed the winning run to walk brusquely home while wearing a fanny pack. 


  1. When we figured out that actual Opening Day wasn't in the cards for us, Serena bought the bunting for the Yankees game. It looked so good that we had to have it for the Mets as well.

  2. Noah Syndergaard probably wasn't a fan of that 2nd video.

    Sausage and peppers looked good! You guys may be spoiled with your ease of parking this season.

    1. Are you implying that Noah isn't into mascots making out?

  3. what happens in the bullpen stays in the bullpen!

    maybe not if Mr Met is involved.