Rules of Engagement

A few items have come up on multiple occasions and rather than continue to respond to these one-off inquisitions, we chose to list them here on this page to help avoid an inefficient use of your time and ours. There are very few things that Serena hates more than an inefficient use of time and slow drivers in the left lane.

Which one of you is Lisa and which one of you is Serena?
It gets confusing, we know. Just remember that Lisa is the Mets fan and Serena is the Yankees fan. If you're still having a hard time keeping track, check out the Meet Lisa page and Meet Serena page. The pages include pictures of us in our respective teams' hats.

Contacting the TBB
The best way to contact us is through our email address: However, it should be expressed that this email is a direct line to both of us. Be prepared for either of us to read and respond to your email. If you really, really want to talk to Serena, specify in the subject line that your email is for Serena, otherwise it’s anyone’s game.

The same principle should be applied to our Facebook and Twatter pages. Flirting with Lisa via Twatter really isn’t the most ideal tactic considering a) both of us twat from this account and read and reply to your @Travelingbbabes twats, b) since we both have access to our account, your attempts at flirting can and will be read by both of us, making this potential relationship more of an awkward threesome than a dynamic duo, and c) your attempts at flirting can now also be read by the entire Twatting community, which is not very sexy.

What's the moral of the story, kids? Stick to sending private messages. If you’re lucky and don’t come off as a Class-A Creeper or Stage-5 Clinger, we may eventually allow you to have our personal email addresses. Oooooh, so exciting.

For those of you who aren’t into online communication methods (you still rock a pager, don’t you?), you can choose to snail mail us a letter to the following address:

Traveling Baseball Babes
c/o Lisa Leone & Serena Ahne
PO Box 2165
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

If it’s a letter specifically written for Lisa or Serena, please specify that or else it will be opened by whomever feels like checking the mail that day. Savvy?

Where the hell do we get off?
It’s true, we are not employed by Major League Baseball or any of its affiliates. We’re also not paid to write this blog. This site is merely a compilation of our opinions, ass-hat commentary, and stupid, a-hole stories from baseball games we go to. Sometimes, we include a-hole stories from non-baseball events as well. If you don’t like what we have to say, you don’t have to read it. It’s a free country. The legitimate baseball news that we report on does not come straight from the mouth of the Baseball God. It comes from a combination of online, broadcast, and print sources. The same ones you have access to.

Who pays for your stadium trips?
As stated previously, we are not employed by Major League Baseball or any of its affiliates, we’re not paid to write this blog, and we’re definitely not paid to travel to stadiums. We pay for everything with the money we earn at our real, responsible adult jobs and have to take vacation time off from these jobs in order to go on these trips. While it tends to be expensive, we continue to do it because it’s something we love and enjoy. If someone actually paid for these trips, do you really think it would take us so long to finish the entire league? C’mon. Use your head here.

Who really writes the content for the blog?
Honestly? Both of us. Each week’s post is a record of our input. Serena might be the one sitting with the internet machine in her lap and typing, but rest assured that the post consists of both of our thoughts, feelings, and jokes. Do you understand how two people typing together on one internet machine might cause an issue?

On the rare occasions that a post is written by a TBB flying solo, it will be noted quite clearly. To see a complete list of posts written by us separately, click here for Lisa and here for Serena.

Blog post comment etiquette
While this blog is a public website and everyone is entitled to their opinion, we review all comments before posting. We’re not trying to be tyrannical about this and we’re not trying to prevent your voice from being heard, but we will not post anything derogatory. We encourage you to leave feedback, both positive and negative. Just be aware that if you post something that can be considered cruel, insensitive, and/or inappropriate, we will reject your comment. We will also reject anything considered to be spam. Sorry. Them’s the rules.

How do you know if there’s a good chance we’ll reject your comment? A general rule of thumb to go by is to leave all the feedback you want. Just don’t be an a-hole about it.

Why are you guys such a-holes?
We don't know. It probably has something to do with genetics. We apologize for it, but there really isn't much else to say on this topic.

Relationship Status
No. We are not dating each other. At the risk of sounding like Mike Piazza, we like dudes.

Yes. We’re both single. This is not a plea for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to start sending us pervy shit. Kay?

The Relationship Status follow-up question: You’re single? What’s WRONG with you?
A variety of things. Trust us. And there’s a good chance we’re not even aware of half of it.

What kind of men are you into?
Single ones. Sure, there are some different qualities and characteristics that we each like in our men, but when you boil it down to the bare bones, it comes to this: if you're married or are already involved in another chick, GO AWAY. You'll not find your mistress or comare (goomah, goomar, gomatta, whatever) here.   
How old are you?
Old and bad ass enough to beat the f*ck out of you for asking such an insolent question to two women you don’t personally know and young enough that it’s not yet sad and pathetic that we still get sexied-up to go out for some drinking and dancing. Kay, pumpkin?

Lisa's Ethnicity
Lisa isn't and has never been Hispanic. She is Italian full-time, would love to be Greek, and only splashes around in the Irish pool on St. Patrick's Day.

Are you sisters?
Negative. We can't figure why we get this question so often, but we do and the answer is no. We're related in no way shape or form.

How can I donate to Fred K’s Cancer?
For starters, thanks for your kindness! You can make checks payable to Fred K’s Cancer, Inc. and mail them to:

Traveling Baseball Babes
c/o Lisa Leone & Serena Ahne
PO Box 2165
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

You can also donate online at

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