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We may be good friends and business partners, but that does not mean we agree on everything. We have different opinions on the stadiums we've been to and when it came to ranking them, there was simply no way for us to agree on the exact order. Therefore, we'll present our personal rankings separately! Note: retired stadiums that we've been to (RFK Stadium, Shea Stadium, and "Old" Yankees Stadium) are not included.

Lisa's Rankings:
1. Coors Field - Up until this year Safeco was my favorite but Coors won my heart this year taking my number one spot so far. I love the outside of the stadium as well as the design inside. Great Hot dogs!!!

2. Safeco Field - Has to be to this day the cleanest stadium I have ever been to. Even though it has a retractable roof you still feel like you are watching a baseball game outside and the roof does not take away the beauty of the entrance of the stadium.

3. Wrigley Field – Adorable stadium. Obviously one of the older stadiums that still has its finesse. “Wrigleyville” is a baseball fan’s wet dream with tons of sports bars around.

4. Oriole Park at Camden Yards - A stunning stadium!! My favorite scoreboard of all the stadiums. You can totally see why every new stadium now is a replica or incorporates this stadium into their blue prints.

5. AT&T Park - It’s awesome to witness a homerun splash into the bay. It’s a great view to look out into the bay.

6. Citi Field - I like the inside of the stadium a lot better then the outside. A lot of the features of the new stadium remind me of Oriole Park and AT&T Park. Guess that’s why I chose it to follow right after them. The Food Court and Shea Bridge are my favorite features about the stadium.

7. Yankees Stadium - The new stadium is gorgeous and they still managed to keep the look and feel of the old stadium .Food choices are endless.  I love walking thru the main entrance of the stadium. It’s so massive.

8. Miller Park - The best interactive kid zone I have ever seen. Enjoyed watching an entire baseball game in the stadium.  

9. PETCO Park – I like that it’s pet-friendly. It was the first place I was able to eat mini-doughnuts since our trip to San Francisco. Great location and the stadium is quite lovely.

(At this point the rest of my rankings are just based on what personal experience I had ranked better from 10 on with the exception of 16 and 17 are all really nice stadiums and have a lot to offer just not the WOW factor)

10. US Cellular Field – I had a great time at Cellular. I have nothing bad to say about it. I bought a poncho and became a #1 White Sox fan and was even asked to be on the jumbotron and even though I declined it, it made my experience amazing.

11. Citizens Bank Park - It’s a nice stadium and looks a lot similar to Camden Yards which I had ranked 5 but to me this stadium is just in the middle.

12. Target Field - The outside of the stadium does not scream out ballpark at all!!! It’s actually one of the ugliest exteriors I’ve seen so far. The inside is just as lovely as any other decent stadium.

13. Angels Stadium - The front of this stadium is a lot nicer then Target field but the inside screamed typical LA fake. Again not that is was not a nice stadium but nothing stuck out to me

14. Dodgers Stadium – The seats are ugly. They are Easter egg pastel colored. The Think Blue sign has got to go. They need to get FDA approval before selling those hot dogs. They were disgusting. Not feeling this stadium at all.

15. Fenway Park - Ok I am not listing this next to last because I am a NY fan. I don’t get it!!! Wrigley is an old stadium and that won my heart being a baseball fan. This stadium not so much. They definitely need to do something about the seating. I get you don’t want a new stadium but revamping the place is not such a bad idea. I will say that the only thing that kept me from having a totally bad experience from Fenway was Yawkey Way.

16. McAfee Coliseum - My mother always told me if I have nothing nice to say then I should not say it at all. If anyone deserves a new stadium it’s the Oakland A’s

Serena's Rankings:
1. Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Boog’s BBQ, not a bad seat in the house, within walking distance of the Inner Harbor, and basically every single new stadium being built these days is based on Oriole Park’s design. Why? Because you don’t f*ck with perfection. What else is there to say?

2. AT&T Park – If Oriole Park didn’t exist, AT&T would be my favorite. It’s located right on the water, absolutely beautiful, and even though it’s new, it’s got an old school baseball feel (kinda like Oriole Park). As if that’s not enough, it’s the birthplace of garlic fries and it has a giant slide disguised as a Coke bottle. Food and fun. I need nothing else.

3. Wrigley Field – Wrigley is super quaint and if I could, I’d slip it into my back pocket. Some seats offer a poor angle of the action on the field, but the stadium is so cool, it doesn’t really matter. The area surrounding Wrigley, known as Wrigleyville, is fantastic! The Taco Bell sign rocks a Cubs’ hat. It doesn’t get better than that. Good hot dogs and toppings, but the buns get steamed from being stored on the shelf directly above the grill and as a result, the bread gets soggy. Icky.

4. Coors Field – This ballpark’s just a cool place. It’s aesthetically pleasing and has a lot of maneuvering room. Plus, while it may sport a pathetic Kids’ Zone, it is home to three of my favorite things: a Blue Moon Brewery, the best ballpark hot dog I’ve ever eaten, and a purple dinosaur (not Barney). It’s also got the cheapest parking we’ve found to date and is within walking distance of several bars, eateries, and shopping opportunities.

5. Safeco Field – I would lick food off of the floors at Safeco. That is how clean this place is. Also Mariner Moose has his own meet & greet location, where you can get your picture taken with him and receive a complimentary copy of your photo. We also got free face painting while we were there. AJ tells us that he’s never seen that before, so maybe we got lucky that one time, but still. That’s a sh*t ton of free crap to get at a MLB stadium.

6. Yankees Stadium – Probably not a fair assessment being that I’m a Yankees fan, I’ll admit it, and Yankees Stadium and Citi Field are probably the most expensive stadiums to be at in the entire league, which makes them pro-wealthy and family unfriendly. However, the new stadium kept distinct pieces (the arches, Monument Park) of the old Yankees Stadium and transported it to a more modernized and comfortable arena. That’s what I love about it. I can walk in and still feel the essence old stadium within its walls.

7. PETCO Park – Randy Jones BBQ stand served one of the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had which basically means that PETCO Park could be a sandlot and I’d be enamored by it. Having said that, PETCO isn’t a sandlot! It’s really a beautiful stadium. Unfortunately, the fans don’t stay for the entire game, which is kind of a bummer.

8. Citizen’s Bank Park – Philly cheese steak sandwiches and the Phillie Phanatic. Another bonus? The sports complex that houses the stadium is also home to both the Flyers and Eagles, allowing fans to utilize all parking lots. Genius. Negative? The fans made us miserable and if I ever return to that place, I’m bringing a beast-sized, grizzled man, a shank, and mace. I’d like to see a Phillies fan f*ck with me now.

9. Miller Park – Super fan-friendly. Fireworks, sausage races, Bernie Brewer, a kick ass Kids’ Zone, awesome bratwursts, and Ryan Braun. I even love the whole tailgating atmosphere in the parking lots. Things I do not love? The fact that it’s a real pain in the ass to get to via public transportation and that from the outside, the roof looks like a Decepticon. How many times does Megatron have to return in these Transformers movies for you people to get just how dangerous the Decepticons are?

10. Fenway Park – Fenway is as high as it is in my ranking because history gives it clout that demands it get placed in the top 10. I don’t know what the big brouhaha is about this stadium. The seats we sat in were the old school seats and while I love history and authenticity, the seats are smaller than the updated ones and INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. I felt like I’d been sitting in Maria’s lap for the entire game and my ass hurt long after we left. Plus…I’m just gonna say it because it’s how I feel…the Green Monster is ugly. It’s just terrible to look at. However, Yawkey Way is AMAZING and it’s pretty friggin’ cool that Fenway is one of the oldest MLB stadiums left. Lastly, Wally the Green Monster is one of my favorite mascots in the MLB.

11. US Cellular Field – Aside from the fact that having a stadium named after a cell phone company really blows, US Cellular wasn’t nearly as bad as we anticipated. It didn’t have the same character Wrigley did, but they kept the shower from the old Comiskey Park in and I think it’s awesome that I could just hop into the shower at any point during the game. They’re hot dogs are delish too.

12. Target Field – I love the Twins. I really do. If the Yankees were the only team to blow up in the apocalypse, I’d become a Twins fan. I even have a Morneau shirt in case that day comes. Despite that affection, I do not love their new stadium. There’s nothing technically wrong with it. It’s a fine ballpark to watch a game, but the outside of it looks like an airport terminal. It’s just ridiculous. I get the desire to be different, but there is such thing as going overboard.

13. Citi Field – I know I’m committing a hate crime against the city of New York by ranking both Citizen’s Bank Park and Fenway Park over Citi Field, but I’m sorry. It had to be done. Shea Stadium may have been a dump, but it had 100 times more character in one bright neon baseball player than Citi Field has in its entirety. Whoever designed Citi Field ripped off every other team’s stadium (with the exception of Oakland and that’s because the A’s play in a sh*t house) and took zero consideration into the Mets as a team. The museum was added in the stadium’s sophomore year as an afterthought and they took the best part of Shea (the homerun apple…as if this needed to be specified) and shoved it in the parking lot. What kind of a-hole does that?

14. Dodgers Stadium – Yes, the stadium is old and it’s really convenient that you can park on the same level as your seats, but I can’t get past the terrible pastel-colored seats (yes, I KNOW that the color has faded because of sun exposure, but c’mon. It’s called a face lift. This IS Los Angeles we’re talking about after all), those heinous Dodger Dogs, and that stupid Think Blue sign. I get that it’s supposed to be a nod to the Hollywood sign, but guess what? It’s “tacky and I hate it.” The only reason Dodgers Stadium is ranked higher than Angels Stadium is that it’s authentic and the fans are legit.

15. Angels Stadium – Angels Stadium is a “nice” stadium and offers a great hot dog. Unfortunately, it’s cookie cutter and plastic feeling and the fans seemed lackluster. It was like they took a country club golfing community and dumped them into the stands. The cheering was so polite, it was British. The rock formation decorating the region behind center field looks like a mini golf course. Finally, never trust a stadium that proudly adopts a cartoon rally monkey as their mascot.

16. McAfee Coliseum – Besides the fact that it’s quite clear that this stadium only gives a crap about the Raiders, the place is a dump and it’s located in Sketchville, USA. If my son played for the Oakland Athletics, I’m not sure I’d buy season tickets because of how bad this place is. I’m just sayin.’ I’d recommend that the A’s build a new stadium, but I don’t want to have to return to Oakland. Call me selfish. Positives? The A’s uniforms are green and green is my favorite color, the French fries served in an enormous A’s helmet are fantastic, and most importantly, the mascot is an elephant.

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