TBB Lingo & Cronies

TBB-short for Traveling Baseball Babes
Papa L- Lisa's dad, bitter Mets fan. Also known as Fred #2.
Papadukes- Serena’s dad, also bitter Mets fan, but has been more devoted to the New York Giants since the last baseball strike. Also known as Fred #1.
The Freds- What we affectionately refer to Papa L and Papadukes as when they're a unit/dynamic duo. For example, during any Fred K's Cancer-related activities or when discussing Fred K's Cancer in general.
Mamadukes-Serena's mom, hard core Yankees fan, but oddly enough, not nearly as angry as we are.
Auntiedukes-sister of Mamadukes. Listens to the Yankees on the radio. Because of the radio, until recently, she had no idea that AJ Burnett was one giant tattoo.
Brother-Serena’s brother. Hockey is life. Remains faithful Islanders fan despite team's performance over the last few seasons.
Sister- Lisa’s sister. Not much of a sports fan.
Erin- Serena's sister from another mother who is a fellow baseball lover (O's fan) and currently lives in Boston. She and Serena met playing softball together for Emerson College and by the end of the 2010 season, she'll have accompanied the TBB on 5 stadium tours!
Matt/The Favorite- Erin's Robin to her Batman (aka: boyfriend) who also accompanies us (and by us, we mean Erin) on our travels. We love him or else we would've dumped him at the Navy Pier a long time ago.
Golden Boy- Any player in any sport who can do no wrong, even when they do screw up. Examples: Derek Jeter, David Wright, Tom Brady, Sydney Crosby.
Tim Lincecum- Starter for San Francisco Giants and honorary Traveling Baseball Babe. This relationship is strictly imaginary. In no way should you think that this man got into an automobile with us. May also be referred to as, "Timmy" or "Tiny Tim Lincecum."
TOWSNBN- David Wright, third baseman for the New York Mets, short for "The One Who Shall Not Be Named." After being rejected by TOWSNBN incessantly, the TBB have chosen to ignore his very existence. Only on the day he decides to change his ways, will the TBB reconsider their position on the subject of TOWSNBN.
Winkie- Our pet kitten that we adopted with our now ex-boyfriend, AJ Burnett.
Tigers Love Pepper- The name of Serena's fantasy baseball team. It's borderline pathetic how often it's referenced in this blog.
Goonies Never Say Die- Serena's other fantasy baseball team from a second league that she got peer pressured to join.
The Asstastic Bunch- The name of Lisa's fantasy baseball team.
The Fear Boners- The name of our "mud run" team coming from the FX show, The League.
Lisa's Forbidden Love- Cole Hamels, starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. This title is quite simple. Lisa is quite smitten with the look of the boy, but she's a Mets fan. Mets and Phillies cannot be. Just call it your baseball equivalent to Romeo & Juliet.
Lisa's Future Husband- Joey Votto. What can we say? Lisa likes the Italians. It doesn't bother her that he's from Canada because as we've learned recently from Robin Thicke, Canadian men are apparently dirty, dirties.
Matt Harvey- Once David Wright walks down the aisle with Molly Beers, Lisa is going to need to transfer her stalking efforts and infatuation to another player in New York and Matt Harvey's the lucky man to be on the receiving end of it all.
Serena's Future Ex-Husband #1- Barry Zito, starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. Serena divorces him because he's kind of a sissy.
Serena's Future Ex-Husband #2- Chris Cornell, bad ass and amazing singer for legendary rock band Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave. If you don't know him, GET to know him because you have no idea what you're missing. His voice is sex.
Serena's Future Ex-Husband #3- Justin Morneau, first baseman for the Minnesota Twins. Formerly known as Serena's Future Husband. His constant injuries get in the way of their sex life and Serena can't deal with it.
Serena's Future Ex-Husband #4- Justin Verlander, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. In case it's not obvious, it should be noted at this point that Serena in no way assumes that she'll get married once, let alone mulitple times to any of the above mentioned men.
Aaron Rogers- QB for the Greenbay Packers and the reason why Justin Verlander becomes Serena's Future Ex-Husband #4. Serena accidentally cheats on Justin with Aaron while he's in town to play the Giants. Normally, Serena would never cheat, let alone cheat on someone like Verlander, but Rogers neglected to shave and a tall, brunette man with 5:00 shadow is Serena's kryptonite. Heartbroken, Justin divorces Serena. *sigh*
Serena's Big Texan- Andy Pettitte, pitcher for the New York Yankees. May also be referred to as simply "The Big Texan" or "Big Texan." It's a bit weird that we have to specify this, but based on past experience, we know that if we didn't specify it, we'd get the follow-up, "Wait, who is Big Texan? Is that different from Serena's Big Texan?"
RSR- Random Side Rant
NG- No Good

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