Meet Lisa

Lisa enjoys long walks on the beach by sunset while listening to the Mets game on her Sony walkman. She often attempts to call the bullpen from her Droid, but for some reason they do not accept her calls. Strange. During the off season, Lisa spends her time searching for the secret location of Mr. Met’s hideout, talking about fulfilling her dream to be an Olympic ice skater (even though at this time, she has only been skating twice). She is a Leo.

These are a few of her favorite things:

Music: 80's music, rap, Bon Jovi, Guido fist pumping music
Shows: Revenge, Ringer, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Real Housewives series
Movies: Four Christmases, Serendipity, Wedding Crashers, Couple's Retreat, Money Pit, Mean Girls, Elf, Angels in the Outfield, Fred Claus, Princess Bride, most Pixar and Dreamworks films, The Muppet movies, romantic comedies
Baseball players:David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Joe Mauer, Johan Santana, Cole Hamels, Joey Votto Books: The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, James Patterson books
Random: Captain Morgan, margaritas, white zinfandel, riesling, cheese (especially feta), Mexican food, mini donuts, pizza, pasta, Peeps, wings, gyros, steamed vegetable dumplings, purple, baby ducks, fake moustaches, Acqua Di Gio, Louis Vitton handbags, Michele watches (actually, watches in general), Serena’s Egyptian cotton comforter, Serena's Winne the Pooh fleece blanket, the beach, gambling (especially the slot machines), Joe Gorga, the Manzo sons (Christopher and Albie), fist pumping, Guidos that fist pump, Guidos that don't fist pump and palm trees.

HATE: being cold, non-Guido men, the Phillies, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Beltran, Chipper Jones, Jose Reyes, dollar hot dogs, athletes who stop giving 100% after signing a big contract, when she buys a jersey/t-shirt for a player who either leaves the team or turns into a douche, people cutting her on line, awful smells (she has a very sensitive gag reflex), when people assume she's Spanish, gory violent movies (for example: Ninja Assassin), married men hitting on her at the bar and wasting her time when she could be scoring with a single guy, and bad dye jobs.


  1. I noticed that you have a Mr Met doll with a black jersey-- my five year old son is devastated as the dog just chewed up his Mr Met which he sleeps with -and takes him on every trip and adventure....I will PAY YOU if there is anyway I can buy the Mr. Met off of you. I cant find a replacement anywhere and I am a completely desperate Mom. Please help! my email address is Please please please...

  2. Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Unfortunately Mr Met is no longer with me and have handed him down to my niece and nephew. You can however find a doll to purchase on ebay. I just did a quick search and one is there black jersey and all . Hope that helps!