Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Trade Deadline

We're trying a little something new and decided to make this week's blog post a video. In addition to "full length" videos like this, we'll be posting shorter video clips from games, road trips, stadium tours, etc. more often to our YouTube channel. Therefore, if you'd like to stay on top of that and see when we post, you should subscribe to our YouTube channel. There isn't much content there yet, but there will be!

Without further delay, check out our first video post. We're learning, so don't mind the random ending to the video. Apparently, the phone overheated and decided to shut down on us. We will try to be better in future videos.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mets Star Wars Night 2018

We've probably mentioned this at least 100 times since the Thor bobble head incident of 2017, but we'll continue to bring this up until the powers to be take note and fix the issue. Or until the Mets send us those Thor bobble heads to make amends. The limited release of bobble heads is total bull. The Mets sent out an email that said the parking lots would open at 4pm and we made it our business to literally pull our car into one of the driveways as the parking lot attendant opened the fence at 3:59pm. It was the best parking spot we've ever gotten at a ball game in the history of the Traveling Baseball Babes. Shockingly enough, there was already a line to stand on, but for those of you who aren't familiar, there is a subway that drops you right at Citi Field's door, so it isn't impossible. Just annoying.
Having said that, let's cover why this would be shocking:
*First pitch was scheduled at 7:10pm. Star Wars character meet and greets were scheduled at 6pm. Gates opened at 5:30 pm. That's an hour and a half of standing on line doing nothing.
*It was pouring. That's an hour an a half of standing on line doing nothing in the rain.

We are amazing people, so we passed the time easily enough, but we're sure other, boring people had a difficult time. Before long, the line grew around us.
There are a few things that we've been noticing for premium bobble head giveaway games. we touched upon several in the post covering the Thor bobble head incident of 2017, but we'll touch upon them briefly again here.
1. Many people buy a cheap ticket to get their bobble head and they just leave. This is horse poop. If you can't even stay until the 6th inning, you're an asshole and someone should strip you of your bobble head. You don't deserve it. And we're being generous by giving you only until the 6th inning.
2. Do you have any idea how many buffoons turn around and sell these premium bobble heads on eBay for $50 and higher? Yes, you read that correctly. And higher. It's ridiculous. It's a poorly made toy that you received simply for attending the baseball game that night and you're going to charge a minimum of $50? Not today, Satan.
3. Another trick that we saw is that people buy anywhere from 5-10 tickets for the cheapest seats in the house in order to collect 5-10 bobble heads for individuals who aren't even at the game. This probably pissed us off the most. We feel that each ticket should have a physical body attached to it in order to qualify for the bobble head because guess what? These are the same people that turn around and sell all of them on eBay. It's gross.

Finally, the time to go through security. Lines starting breaking off into smaller lines to be searched by security guards. We thought we were super clever and jumped onto the smallest line with only four people on it. Little did we know that this was a strategic error. The woman manning the longest line searched 10 people for every one person that man in charge of our line searched. There is such a thing as taking safety too seriously. He was so slow and methodical that we briefly contemplated what life would be like if, when we finally got through this barrier, they ran out of bobble heads.

Thankfully, that was just us being extremely paranoid. We got in, we got our bobble heads, and all was not lost.
We had a little time to kill before the characters came out for the meet and greet, so we grabbed food first. We chose a meal we've had in the past, but really enjoyed: lobster tacos. 
We ate downstairs in the bullpen plaza where there are picnic benches. We figured it was a good spot because it was free of the crowds and it was where the meet and greet would take place. We finished our tacos just in time to see Mr. Met dressed as Han Solo walk by us and head to his photo zone. It was vital that we got our picture taken with him, so we sprinted up the stairs to the photo zone like a pair of crazed groupies. 
Nailed it. 

It was 6:00 on the dot by the time we got our photo taken, so we raced back to the bullpen plaza so quickly that we beat the Star Wars characters there. We may not be good at most things, but we are great at getting photos with characters.
Lisa used a Dunkin Donuts coupon to buy tickets to tonight's game. It was buy one, get one free so she scored sick field level tickets that gave us access to the Foxwoods and Jim Beam Clubs. It had started to rain pretty heavily by this point, so we agreed that we'd hang out in the Foxwoods Club until the weather cleared.
It ended up being a 45 minute delay, which isn't terrible in the grand scheme of bad weather delays, but considering that we had already arrived three hours early to a game, it really sucked the wind out of our sails, so when the majority of the fans left the club for the stands, we stayed behind and grabbed a table. 
(view from our "seats")
And got hungry again. 
As for the game itself, the Mets weren't exactly at their finest, BUT they did managed to pull it out in the end. It was quite the comeback. Sure to be a Mets' Classic. Which we watched from the warm and cozy comforts of the Foxwoods Club. Like princesses. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Yankees' Star Wars Night 2018

Ever since Thor Bobblehead Night 2017, we have vowed never to miss out on a premium giveaway ever again. Therefore, we left Long Island at 3 pm for a 7pm game start. We stupidly listened to the Waze app, who claimed it could save us 10 minutes with an alternative route. She's a liar. She wasted at least 35 minutes of our time, if not 45, ambling around the back streets of the Bronx. You people are not from here, but allow us to assure you that you don't want to be wandering around this section of the Bronx. There's no one to protect you here. No Devil of Hell's Kitchen. No Luke Cage of Harlem. No Jessica Jones. Even they don't venture into this part of Manhattan. By the time we parked in the garage it was after 4:30 and we panicked that we wouldn't get a bobblehead and it was a very special bobblehead. Aaron Judge and his gap tooth dressed like a Jedi. This was an imperative free giveaway. If we missed it, why bother even attending the game? We know we've said this 1,000 times, but it must be repeated again. Just make enough bobbleheads for all us! Then we wouldn't have to get to the game two hours early. It's exhausting.

We ran to the closest gate, which happened to be near the bleachers and found a rather small line and a huge stack of bobbleheads. Which means we freaked out for no reason. Of course, all was not right in the universe because the security guard took Serena's Wonder Woman water bottle because it was aluminum and he's a stupid rule follower.
After collecting our bobbleheads, we went in search of characters. Priority #2 of Star Wars Night. Who even gives a shit about the game when Star Wars Night is afoot?

Unfortunately, by the time we raced to our usual photo opp spot, the characters were leaving to line up for the on field parade. We were almost dejected when we noticed that R2D2 wasn't going anywhere. We overheard the "handler" say, "the only reason he's here right now is that he needs to charge up before we head to the field." Bingo.
Lifetime achievement unlocked. 

We had some time before the on field festivities would begin, so we decided to get food. Quick backstory before we dive into our food choices. We recently weighed ourselves and found us wanting. Therefore, we've recently adopted a low carb diet (mainly fruits, vegetables, etc.) with a focus on protein and healthy fats. Minimal to no processed foods. When Star Wars Night rolled around, we were only on the cusp of week two, so it seemed in poor taste to fall entirely off the wagon so quickly. You can imagine how difficult it is to stick to a strict diet at a ballpark. After much debate and a little bit of belly aching, we ended up settling on the simple sushi rolls (the special rolls have too much shit on them). We realize that in previous blog posts (particularly in our Safeco Field post) we mentioned that we don't relish the idea of eating sushi at a ballpark, but desperate times call for desperate measures. We figured that we'd either be fine or lose all of the weight we gained due to food poisoning. We each ordered a side of edamame and two rolls for $30. Lisa ordered a spicy tuna and a vegetable roll and Serena ordered a spicy tuna and a spicy salmon roll. Before you scoff at this price, it's actually pretty comparable to one of our local sushi delivery places. 
The sushi totally exceeded our expectations.  We were pleasantly surprised by how decent the rolls were. We probably wouldn't gravitate to the sushi stand on every visit, but it was a nice change of pace for us. 

After food, we headed up to our section to watch the Star Wars festivities. The photos and video will speak for themselves here.
As you can see, we really got into photographing the big screen. 

The ceremonial first pitch was thrown by Ron Howard.
The game gets less interesting for us because we got everything we wanted and our attention span has an expiration date. We were at the ball game way too early and the activities were too numerous for us to continue to focus on one thing. We found ourselves playing with the bobblehead a lot. This is the view from our seats and our shirts. Lisa bought a brand new one that morning for the occasion. 
 This is a photo of Giancarlo dressed like an X-Wing pilot.
There is something that needs to be discussed before we touch upon the game and it has to do with the current Yankee roster and they're complete and total lack of Star Wars knowledge. The big screen showed an off camera person interviewing individual players about favorite Star Wars movies, favorite characters, etc. 90% of the players confessed to not having seen Star Wars. How is this even possible? Oh, wait, they're all infants and probably weren't born to even see Phantom Menace in the theater (which is literally the worse Star Wars movie, by the way. Serena won't even let Lisa watch it). One guy actually replied that he was more of a Trekkie. It's not Star Trek Night! It's Star Wars! Lie, you big dope! Furthermore, what kind of person chooses Star Trek over Star Wars. You're seriously choosing William Shatner over Harrison Ford and Darth Vader? You're an asshole. Marketing should've stepped up and told these nincompoops what the answers were instead of embarrassing us, embarrassing themselves, embarrassing their families, and embarrassing any unborn children that they might be considering to have. 

The game actually started off pretty impressive followed by the bullpen pissing away a perfectly good CC Sabathia start (look at him now...that possibly could've been his last quality start and his bullpen failed him). Most of the assholes in the bullpen are the same assholes who had never seen Star Wars. Jack Wagons. The Yankees ended up winning in extra innings, but Serena still hasn't forgiven them for this whole insult to her favorite childhood trilogy. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Random Baseball Sh*t That We Think About

1. We've said this before and we'll say it again. Why don't baseball teams release enough free giveaways to cover all of the game's attendants? Why do we have to get to the ballpark three hours in advance in order in order to stand online and potentially not receive a fancy bobblehead? It's bullshit. We pay a lot of money for our tickets and parking. We deserve bobbleheads!

2. On the way home from Yankees' Opening Day, one of our Twatter followers messaged us asking why fans had booed Giancarlo Stanton. If you are a Yankees' fan and/or read last week's blog post, you'd know that he struck out five times. In one game. Yes, it's only April. Yes, Stanton is new to the American League, region of country, and team. Yes, he has plenty of time to pull his shit together. However, most players do not even get five at bats, much less the opportunity to strike out five times, which is apparently called the Plantinum Sombrero. Also, according to Wikipedia:

"In slang, when a batter strikes out three times in a game, he is said to have completed a hat trick. If he strikes out four times, it is called a golden sombrero. He receives a platinum sombrero if he strikes out five times, and this dishonor is also known as the Olympic Rings."

The man deserves to be booed. Not forever. Just for striking out. Five times in one game. It's uncomfortable for everyone who has to witness that. And embarrassing. Although not as embarrassing as a Titanium Sombrero, the Diamond Sombrero, or the Plutonium Sombrero, which we discovered today.

3.  Joe Kelly. A minor argument between baseball babes broke out regarding our personal assessment of Joe Kelly. Lisa thinks he's possibly a guido fist pumper, but we can't tell if he wears pointy shoes. Serena thinks he's possibly a hipster from Park Slope.

Evidence: long hair, trendy eye glasses, unbuttoned shirt, tapered pants, and can't actually fight. Possible pointy shoes, but we cannot confirm or deny this last fact.

So, what do you think? Hipster or fist pumper? Furthermore, since when do the Red Sox hire anyone other than grizzled lumber jack/white trash? The Red Sox have really let themselves go.

Also, if you're a pitcher, you shouldn't pick a fight unless you fight like Nolan Ryan.

4. When the benches clear in a brawl, why does the bullpen also empty out? Everyone knows that the guys in the bullpen are the biggest pansies in the ballpark. Also, the distance from the bullpen to the region of the field where the fight is taking place is quite far. Running that distance is bound to tire you out, which means that by the time you reach the fight, you're too tired to defend yourself. If we were relief pitchers, we'd spend the entire fight sitting and shouting insults at the opposing team from the bullpen. Possibly throw shit onto the field.  And boo. Like Waldorf and Statler.

5. Mickey Callaway is kind of hot for an older man. We just discovered that he's only 42 years old, which makes us beg the question, "how did he get this job?!" Why didn't they hire us? Lisa would like to launch the idea of an 120-man roster. Mainly because she'd bench a pitcher every single time he gave up a hit or a player for making an error. She's going to need a lot of back up players with that management philosophy and 40 men are simply not enough men.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yankees Opening Day 2018

April 3, 2018

Originally, this game was scheduled for Monday, the 2nd. On the morning of, we awoke to a legitimate blizzard. In April. Regardless, Serena has sat through opening days she deemed worse, so we continued on regardless of many warnings from Serena's coworkers. In fact, we made it all the way to Yankee Stadium before realizing that the Yankees had actually postponed the game. This is because we chose to do a Bon Jovi sing along rather than listen to the radio. The game was rescheduled for Tuesday evening. The snow cleared by noon on Monday and the temperature ended up being quite nice.

Lets flash forward to Tuesday evening. When it was FREEZING and wet and never stopped raining. How was this an improvement from the previous afternoon???

Because we were so enamored with our little travel Mets' hot cocoa cups, we felt like we needed Yankees' ones as well, so our first stop at the stadium was to get ourselves hot cocoa. We ordered our cocoas and stepped aside to wait for them. For some reason, the machine wasn't working so Miss Ruby had to make large quantities of hot cocoa by hand. We had to wait 20 minutes, but were constantly reassured that Miss Ruby makes the best hot cocoa. Guess what? She does. It was the best hot cocoa we've ever had.
Afterwards, we went in search of food. We ended up at Mighty Quinn's and Bare Burger. Serena ordered a crispy spicy chicken sandwich for $11.99 at Mighty Quinn's and Lisa ordered a SoCal (turkey burger with pepper jack cheese, pickled red onions, and guacamole on a sprouted wheat bun) for $12.49. Then we shared a plate of dirty fries from Mighty Quinn's for $13.79. The fries were topped with chili, burnt ends, and lime sauce.
Serena's chicken was very good, but the bun itself felt like it had just come out of the refrigerator, which ruined the whole experience. Lisa's turkey burger was good, but not the kind of burger that needs a repeat visit. The fries, however, were DELICIOUS.

We made it to our seats in time for opening ceremony only to discover that because of the weather, they wouldn't be doing an ceremony at all, which was seriously disappointing. They just removed the tarp from the field and started the game like it was any other game in the season. It just depressing.
The game itself was pretty exciting. Didi hit two home runs. He's becoming quite a beast this season. Giancarlo Stanton struck out 5 times. People booed. Naturally. More on that next week.
The boy in front of us crop dusted us. The smell was so bad that he actually stood up and left his seat. We basically ate it.
The Yankees ended up defeating the Rays 11-4, but that's basically because the offense (aside from Stanton) crushed it. Their pitching basically sh*t the bed, which has been their MO all season thus far.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mets Opening Day 2018

March 29, 2018

Since we got locked out of the main parking lot two years in a row and didn't see the opening ceremonies for the last two years, we left for Citi Field this morning at 9:30am. Can you believe that? 9:30 for a 1:10pm start time. Our overwhelming sense of paranoia paid off because we were able to get into the parking lot by 10:45 am (parking is up to $25 now, by the way). It was perfect. It was pouring, gates opened at 11, and we had plenty of spots to choose from. We pulled into one and enjoyed a pair of Stella Atrois cidres like a pair of basic bitches while we waited for the rain to ease up.
Again, because we're overwhelmingly paranoid, we headed into the stadium at 11:45 because we didn't want to wait on those ridiculous security lines and potentially miss opening ceremonies. Once inside, we did a lap around the main concourse to determine what we'd be partaking in during feeding time. Serena decided that she'd get a chicken parm hero from Nicoletta's and Lisa chose the Bash Burger from...Bash Burger. We agreed to go separately and reconvene at one of the hi-top tables in center field to eat. Lisa was not even halfway to the Bash Burger stand when Serena discovered that Mr. and Mrs. Met was out for photographs. Lisa came right back. It was, in fact, an emergency. It needed to be done. Please notice our sign that Lisa whipped up in a jiff. You'll probably have to zoom in.
After our amazing photo op, we returned to the original plan of feeding. While on line, Serena noticed something called, "loaded pizza fries." This felt extremely important, so she ordered a platter of the fries in addition to a chicken parm hero. The hero was $14 and the fries were $9.50.
The game began and since we wanted to actually see opening day ceremonies, Serena rushed to meet Lisa at her food line, which she abandoned because it was too long. We stood behind the rows of seats with a bunch of drunk ass clowns to watch the ceremony. We ate all of the pizza fries. They were a little cold, but AMAZING. Here is a photo:
What's noteworthy about our time in this location has nothing to do with the actual ceremony and everything to do with the drunk ass clowns. The man standing directly next to Lisa kept spitting. Not just a little spit. Not just once in a while. By the time the ceremony was complete, there was a legit puddle of phlegm sitting on the floor next to Lisa's shoe. We've never seen so much spittle in one place. Ever. We would've taken a photo, but Lisa was too busy dry heaving and when Lisa dry heaves, it makes Serena want to dry heave, so we had to bail.

Lisa finally got her Bash Burger. Her burger was a Pat LaFrieda patty topped with onion and bacon jam, pickles, American cheese, and special sauce. All for the glorious price of $13.50.
We ate at one of the hi-top tables in center field where we watched the start of the game on the large television screen behind the scoreboard. Both sandwiches were pretty cold so we couldn't decide if we weren't that impressed with them because of their temperature or if they just weren't that great.

We made it upstairs to our seats just in time to witness a Yadier Molina 2-run homerun, allowing the Cardinals to take an early 2-1 lead.
From our seats, we could see that the Mets had added the number 10 to the pitcher's mound in memorium of Rusty Staub, who died earlier this morning at the age of 73. You can see it in this picture if you look very closely. Maybe blow it up on your computer or something. Zoom in. It's totally there.
An honorable mention goes to our delightful hot cocoas in a travel Mets mug. It's adorable, warm and cozy, and roughly $10/each.

We actually enjoyed our seats until our neighbor finally arrived in the 4th inning. He was a real piece of work. For starters, he was a large man, which we aren't judging him for. Things happen. Okay? We've gotten slightly larger over the years and it's totally not our faults. It's certainly not a result from our poor diets. Or lack of physical activity. It's definitely someone else's fault. Anyway, we digress. So, he's large and takes up a shit ton of space and kind of sort of invades Lisa's personal space, but that's not why we strongly disliked him. He slammed himself quite obnoxiously into his seat and immediately started chewing Lisa's ear off, which is simply rude. Dude, we're here to watch the f*cking game. Exchange pleasantries, of course. But this is not lunch period. We're specifically here for one reason and that is to enjoy a baseball game. Thank you very much. He kept trying to get Lisa to buy some of his season tickets. Then he made it a point to mention how difficult it is to find single girls who also like the Mets (because apparently they're all Yankees' fans - what? That makes no sense). Lisa slickly mentioned our boyfriends to get him off our backs and then the guy turned into a total a-hole. Like a child who doesn't get their way or a sore loser.

We headed down to the main concourse at the top of the 8th because we wanted to try the new Wowfulls stand. For $12, you can choose from one of the following options:
Home Sweet Home
Chocolate Heaven
Strawberry Fields

Home Sweet Home had vanilla ice cream topped with Fruity Pebbles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Chocolate Heaven had chocolate shake ice cream topped with Oreo crumbles, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and whipped cream. Finally, Strawberry Fields had strawberry cheesecake ice cream topped with French Toast Crunch, caramel sauce, sprinkles, and whipped cream. All were tucked in a delicious waffle. Lisa went with Home Sweet Home while Serena chose Strawberry Fields.
The line to the stand was so long that we basically ended the game here, watching the game on the small television attached to the wall. While Serena continued to wait online, Lisa ran over to document the last out of the game and Mets' first win of the season.
Final score 9-4. After the game, we sat in the car playing Disney Emoji Blitz and answering emails while we waited for the parking lot to clear out.