Friday, April 10, 2009

The Traveling Baseball Babes Playoff Picks

Since we know you hold our opinions in such high regard as we are extremely important people in the baseball community, we bring to you our picks for the post season. We will break it down by division. You can post comments arguing against our picks, but we can't promise that we will post it.

American League East:
Lisa feels that the Yankees will take the division and Serena thinks the Rays will defend their title. Serena also thinks that the Wild Card will come from the East, but prays it's not the Red Sox, which leaves the Yankees. Of course, Serena does not want to jinx the Yankees so she is at a loss.

American League Central:
We both agree that the Twins will take the Central this year depsite Joe Mauer beginning the season on the DL. The Indians were in contention up until the moment they signed Carl Pavano. For pete's sake, he lasted 1 inning yesterday and gave up 8 runs! Bad for Indians fans, but good for Pavano since he gets to earn a paycheck for being useless.

American League West:
Both of us think that the Angels will clinch the division again. Lisa believes that the wild card will come from the west in the form of the Oakland Athletics. This might be because she likes Brad Ziegler though...

National League East:
While it causes chest pains to say this, Lisa believes that the Phillies will clinch again. Serena is slightly torn between the Braves and Phillies and Lisa hopes that her Mets take the Wild Card.

National League Central:
Both of us agree that the Cubs will do it again this year, but hopefully they don't tank so hard in the post season this time.

National League West:
Lisa believes that Giants pitching will bring them to the post season whereas Serena feels that it will depend on which Barry Zito shows up to play. Her vote of confidence is going to Eric Byrnes and the Diamondbacks.

Thanks to the enormous crowd of 19 voters, we'll be traveling to LA and San Diego for our big 2010 stadium tour. The sudden surge of votes (4 votes to 19 in one week) can be attributed to Serena's mother forcing her staff to log on to our site. Kudos to you guys! Hopefully, Erin will still be in LA during this time and we can hook with her again. : )

Sunday night was baseball's opening day. The Phillies suffered a beat down at the hands of the Braves in their snazzy new navy blue uniforms. We met up at our favorite bar to enjoy the game. Linda's son, James ordered buffalo wings and french fries and Sean ordered the Olympic Sampler (see picture on left). For some asinine reason, we decided to eat healthy. Lisa ordered a Greek salad and Serena order a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of...VEGETABLES!!! Veggies?? What the hell? We did happen to drink beers, but they were light beers and we were forced to smell the intoxicating scent of hot wings the entire night. we miss the sampler.

On a sadder note, we must acknowledge the the tragic passing of 22 year old Nick Adenhart, rookie pitcher for the Angels.


In honor of his death, we will post the following lines from Kahil Gibran's poem, "The Beauty of Death":

"Let me rest in the arms of Slumber, for my open eyes are
Let the silver-stringed lyre quiver and soothe my spirit;
Weave from the harp and lute a veil around my withering

Sing of the past as you behold the dawn of hope in my
eyes, for
It's magic meaning is a soft bed upon which my heart rests...

I am in comfort; I am in peace."

Our peep wishes everyone a Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

The Mets' open Citi Field OFFICIALLY Monday, April 13th. Lisa will be in attedance with her friend, Laurie, the Mike Piazza lover. Lisa has bought ear plugs in preparation for Laurie's reaction to Piazza's presence on the field that day. The Yankees OFFICIALLY open their doors on Thursday, April 16th. Serena will not be in attendance because she does not believe in being taken for all she's worth to buy one seat. Take that, Steinbrenners!

We part ways with you, our devoted readers and fanbase, with the poetry of John C. Foggerty: "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play...look at me, I can be Centerfield (better than Damon and Beltran can anyway)."


  1. Ladies,

    Love the blog. Agree with you on Alyssa, but I gotta say, having PLAYBOY in the background of your profile picture kind of detracts from your credibility there, dontcha think?

    I say this with great love and affection, because I think we have a ton in common. That part, though, not so much.

  2. Whoever ordered that plate of food is a food genius. Looks fantastic. Might have to go get those "ingredients" and make one for myself!

  3. I wanted to post a comment in response to Caryn's comment above. (btw...Caryn, like the blog, and appreciate your honesty about getting into the sport because of TBF).
    I feel as though her sentiment about the "Playboy" picture is about women's rights and equality (if this is incorrect, please clarify). Let me first say that I am a man and my take on baseball is not as in depth as either bloggers (the babes or Caryn) as I am a casual fan. That being said, when I first saw the picture I did not think that The Traveling Baseball Babes (hereinafter TTBB) lost credibility by posting it. To me, it looked as though the TTBB were having a fun time at what I think is the Playboy club in Las Vegas. I think Caryn has a point as the commentary on women’s views on professional sports were not historically held in the same light as men, but I feel that this has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. For the most part, most of the commentary was from former players (ok and some pundits). These days, Hannah Storm is the co-anchor of ESPN’s Sportscenter. While this is a small example (as there are a great deal of women who are commentators in golf, tennis, and football), it does show some level of improved “integration” (for lack of better terms).
    Women these days might still have greater hardships in getting roles than men do, but I don’t feel that having a picture of TTBB at the playboy club detracts from your credibility. Your posts are refreshing, insightful, and downright funny. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your travels and I look forward to reading more in the future.
    The Playboy