Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Deepest Apologies

We are sorry to report an error on our most recent blog. In Serena's amazing all star pitching rotation (that yes, included both NL and AL's her IDEAL pitching rotation), she neglected to include her #1 pitcher and BFF, Brad Ziegler. How we could've forgotten him is beyond us. Perhaps the stress from our day to day dealings in our jobs have caused us to develop memory lapses. Or perhaps we are so familiar with him that he has become absorbed into our daily lives and we've started to take his presence for granted. Brad Ziegler is so fantastic that not only will he pitch for Serena's AL team, but he will also come out and pitch for Lisa's NL team.
See you at the strawberry festival tomorrow, Brad! Meet us at the zeppolis stand. We'll talk pitching strategy.

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