Thursday, June 18, 2009

Come Together

Yesterday was an eventful day for me. In the morning, Tech Support Sean and I went to the US Open practice rounds at Bethpage State Park. I received an education from Sean about who's who in professional golf. I was more consumed by the variety of baseball hats I saw everywhere! I never realized how "hot" golf was until I saw how many different people from all over the country (world, to be more exact!) were present at yesterday's rounds. The only golfer I was able to identify on my own without Sean's help was sadly, Tiger Woods. We were told Phil Mickelson was there, but we kept missing him. Who did we see? Zack Johnson, Adam Scott, Rory Sabbatini, Jim Furyk (all pointed out by Sean), Rory Mcllroy, and Scott Lewis (I identified them all by myself when I read their signs on the driving range).

From the US Open, Sean drove us out to Stan's Sports Bar, located across the street from the old Yankees Stadium to meet Jane Heller, author of Confessions of a She-Fan. As we walked by the old stadium (me clutching my copy of Jane's book to be signed), we were able to peak inside. What a shocker to see the place gutted. All the seats were gone! It was too depressing to focus on for too long. We reached Stan's, where I met Jane, Jane's husband, Bernadette (blogger of Lady at the Bat and This Fan's Life, as well as host for LATB Blog Talk Radio, which will feature Lisa and I on Sunday, 6/28 at 9 pm), and Vanessa (blogger of Flair for the Dramatic, which is hosted on Sean, being the excellent tech support as he is, took pictures of the event. This is why he is employee of the month! Always sacrificing his needs for the greater good of the TBB!

Lisa, unfortunately, has been sick since we we got off the plane at MacArthur Airport. While Sean and I soaked up the sunshine at the US Open, Lisa paid a visit to Dr. Hammer, who diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection! I guess White Sox ponchos do not prevent illness from incessant rain exposure. The designers of MLB ponchos should really work on that (no, this does not mean Alyssa Milano). Therefore, Lisa was unable to join Sean and I at Jane's book signing. I know she was disappointed because she was so excited about going. Jane signed my book and added a little get well note to it for Lisa, which was considerate of her and was greatly appreciated by Lisa.
From right to left is me, Vanessa (Flair for the Dramatic), Bernadette (Lady at the Bat & This Fan's Life), and Jane. It was like a blogger reunion! Rumor on the street has it that Squawkers Lisa and Jon showed up later, but Sean and I were probably sitting in traffic on the 495 by that time. It was nice to finally meet the people who's work you read on a daily (or almost daily) basis.
Providing Lisa is well enough, she'll be visiting me at work for lunch and we'll post our blog about Wrigley Field. If not, the Wrigley post will have to wait a little longer and you'll get another blog about my typical nonsense.



  1. Wouldn't have missed it....even with rope-a-dope tickets to the US Open. Glad we got to meet Jane and the bloggin gang....they were a great band of folks. Jane's husband is a pretty cool guy. Is he tech support for her?

  2. I loved meeting you, Serena, and wish you'd been there too, Lisa. Yes, Lisa and Jon showed up as did lots of other bloggers. It was one big blogger fest! I've got pics on my site now too. Go look!

    xxoo Jane