Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baseball Happenings

I cannot believe how much has happened since yesterday when Lisa and I blogged during our lunch break. You'll be pleased to know that Lisa's heat rash has subsided and she's doing much better.

By now I am sure you've all heard about the Mets trading Ryan Church yesterday afternoon to the Braves for Jeff Francoeur and cash. Right now it may seem like the Mets have traded apples for apples since Church currently sports a batting average of .280 and 22 RBI's and Francoeur owns a .250 batting average and 35 RBI's. Both are solid defensive right fielders, but Francoeur's got the better arm. This season, he has 6 assists compared to Church's 3. This may not seem like a big deal, but for his career, Francoeur's got a total 65 assists while Church only has a total of 21. I'd like to also add here that Church has one more year MLB experience than Francoeur. If Francoeur can turn his cold streak hot, the Mets may have made out on the deal. Congrats, Lisa! ; )

Last night, Jonathan Sanchez threw a no-hitter for the Giants against the Padres, striking out 11. Not bad for a kid who, with last night's win, now has a 3-8 record. That's worse than Barry Zito's!

The American League still hasn't announced all of its Home Run Derby contestants yet, but Brandon Inge and Joe Mauer have finally confirmed that they will participate.

Tomorrow, Tech Support Sean, Brother, and I will be taking Mamadukes to Yankees Stadium for a tour, followed by lunch at the Hard Rock as a belated birthday gift. Will be sure to post pictures (but not too many because that will take away from my trip with Lisa to the stadium in two weeks). Pray for nice weather!


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