Friday, September 25, 2009

The Circle of TBB

Last week we asked you if Lisa should ditch her god mother duties for the sake of stadium touring. Of 7 total votes, 3 of you felt that the fact that we were asking you this question makes Lisa a selfish older sister/not nice word. Did we not mention that last year for Lisa’s 30th birthday, Sister got married? Not to be tit for tat or anything, but Sister definitely stole Lisa’s thunder and caused everyone (but Serena) to forget her birthday. ANYWAY, in close second, two of you highly intelligent beings agreed that we should definitely ditch Sister because this is our opportunity to go see the Giants, Tiny Tim, and Steamy Guido Zito in action. While we commend you for your high IQ’s, we must admit that perhaps that’s a bit severe and over the top. Even for us, that might just be too mean. Besides…Lisa will most likely be thrown out of the family if she does that. 1 person felt that we should investigate which month had better giveaways before making any decisions and 1 person thought Lisa should call the bullpen to “coach” Sister in relief while we party it up in LA with hot mama Erin (who does not actually have children nor is she pregnant) and her trusty man, Matt. Perhaps Billy Wagner is available and he’d much better at delivering babies than delivering outs in the 9th inning with men in scoring position.

We’d like to discuss our progress regarding Team Fred, which we’re not allowed to call Team Fred because there already is a Team Fred. So we started off our charity work by emailing Lance Armstrong and the American Cancer Society to discuss potential fundraising events. Neither has replied, which is a bit disheartening because we’re actually trying to do something meaningful. It’s not like we asked The One Who Shall Not Be Named to be our Facebook friend and then he ignored us. Because that we would completely understand. Why are charities ignoring us? So…we tried a different tactic. Perhaps Lance Armstrong and the American Cancer Society are too wrapped up in their events to pay attention to someone as small time as the TBB. *sob* We decided that we would just fundraise by ourselves and split our earnings between the Oral Cancer Foundation and the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation. We’ve emailed both organizations to see if we can gain their support. We plan on walking the Jones Beach State Park bike path on June 20th before the Mets battle the Yankees at Yankees Stadium in the Subway Series. We feel all warm and fuzzy inside for our good deeds. *applause* Side note: if anyone is interested in supporting Serena and her walk for breast cancer in honor of Grannydukes, you can find the link to her fundraising page on the sidebar.

Now that we’ve consulted with our readers and our employers, our 2010 stadium tour is becoming a bit more solidified. Granted, nothing is booked yet as baseball tickets have yet to go on sale (and why haven’t they? They’ve already released the schedules. Why not the tickets too…and the promotional giveaway schedule while they’re at it), but plans are afoot. We will be going May and since we could not get a full two weeks off at work, we were forced to change around our Dodgers and Padres series. As a result, we’re basically attending a game every other day and traveling between LA and San Diego. So…we’ll be seeing the Athletics/Angels, Giants/Padres, and Padres/Dodgers. Yes…we’re stuck seeing the Padres twice. While in LA, we’ll be staying with hot mama Erin and checking out Disney Land. We’ve already found an awesome hotel that is located near Sea World in San Diego that we will be cashing in our Wyndham Rewards to pay for. Apparently, it’s one of the nicest hotels we’ve ever stayed in. It’s a shame that we’re only staying there overnight. In June, Serena will be returning to LA briefly to visit hot mama Erin for a weekend and to see the Yankees play the Dodgers. She will not have to pretend to be a Dodgers fan during this trip.

On a lighter note, today is quite cool outside and we’re finally not sweating through our corporate attire. So take that, Ben Affleck (again, see glossary)! For those of you who think you know who Ben Affleck is, think again (ahem, MJ)!!

Today’s baseball notes: Laurie (you must remember Laurie, but for you new folks, please see glossary for more information) told Lisa that her fellow little league papa, Alan recently participated in a golf outing where he met Ron Darling and was nice enough to mention our blog to him. To the best of our knowledge, Ron Darling has not checked out the site nor does he care to because he is much too busy being #1 Mets announcer and having to pull his weight in the SNY booth because his co-announcers are complete a$$ clowns. Kudos to Alan for trying to market the TBB though. On Tuesday night, the Yankees finally clinched a playoff spot in their 6-5 route of the Angels. Bobby Cox has announced that after the 2010 season, he will be retiring as Braves’ manager. This is completely strange to us. Bobby Cox is the Braves. This is just as strange as if Chipper Jones announced his retirement. Not that we like Chipper Jones or anything, but he and the Braves are like Jenny and Forrest Gump. Chipper should be playing third long after he’s confined to a wheelchair at the age of 95.

We head off into the weekend and a Red Sox/Yankees series with the delightful and uplifting words of ABBA, “cancer foundations take a chance on us! If you change your mind, we’re the first in line, honey we’re still free! Gonna do our very best, it ain’t no lie! If you put us to the test, we can raise lots of money!”

BallHype: hype it up!

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