Friday, October 2, 2009

Mustaches & the 2009 Post Season

Last week, we asked you, our faithful following, what you felt was the best free giveaway at a baseball game. We thought we gave you some pretty awesome options, but you still managed to bewilder us. With a whopping 7 votes, Keith Hernandez’s mustache won. Really guys? A mustache? How creepy can you get? Do you really want to leave a ball game with someone else’s facial hair? If you want a mustache so bad, grow one. Well you want it? You got it!
Congratulations. As if we couldn’t look any worse, we’ve actually taped mustaches to our faces just to make you happy. Sadly, we look more manly than Keith Hernandez himself. You people are twisted! Though we suppose it is partially our fault for giving you this option as you’ve demonstrated repeatedly that you cannot be trusted when left to your own devices regarding joke choices. Anyway, the closest runner up had 2 votes and that was for Tiny Tim. We’re pretty sure we know who you are. Honestly, if you offer us an MLB player to come home with us after the game, we will almost always take that option over facial hair (granted, there are always exceptions). How could Keith’s facial hair beat Tiny Tim so badly? He’s so cute and skinny! The mustache is so…skeevy. Only 1 individual voted for an awesome Yankees light up pen. What’s that about? It’s a pen that lights up! You can’t possibly go wrong with that. 1 person wanted a Root Beer Float (which we don’t really blame them as they are delicious). Finally, no one voted for the Mets Build-a-Bear or the A’s pink pashmina. Do you people have issues with stuffed animals and the color pink? The pashmina was for breast cancer!

As you may or may not have noticed, the Traveling Baseball Babes are branching out. We’ve finally joined Facebook. You can find the link to our page on the side bar or by simply searching for “Traveling Baseball Babes” on Facebook. Please become our fan! We only have 20 so far. We’ve posted pictures of the visited stadiums that didn’t make it to our blog as well as pictures of what else we did while on the road.

Also on our sidebar, we’ve linked to our Team Fred charities, The Oral Cancer Foundation and Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation, so that you can read more about them.

Ask and you shall receive. When we asked in one of our polls about how we could make our site better, most of you requested that we add a photo album entirely dedicated to mascots. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see exactly that. We are currently working with Tech Support to shrink the size so that it can fit in the sidebar better, but until that happens, it will remain at the bottom. Enjoy it, fellow furries!

Now that October is here, the playoffs are just within our grasps. We know who almost all the teams involved are, but there are a few question marks. We know that the Yankees will host the winner of the AL Central. But who will it be? Will it be the Twins or the Tigers? Despite Morneau being out, Serena still wants the Twins to win. Maybe Morneau will make a miraculous recovery and be able to play? No? Probably not? One can always dream. We also know that the Angels will host the Red Sox. Talk about an ugly series. Interpret that as you will. In the National League, the question marks are much more prevalent. It is still up in the air as to which team (Rockies or Dodgers) will clinch the West and the Wild Card. The Phillies and Cardinals will have to bide their time to see who their opponents will be.

How did the TBB stack up in their playoff picks? After the All Star Break, Lisa stuck to her guns in saying that the Yankees will take the AL East. Serena strongly felt that the division title and the Wild Card would go to either the Yankees or the Red Sox. Looks like we hit a home run with that one. Both of us felt that the Twins would take the Central. While nothing’s definite yet, the Twins definitely still have a shot. All they have to do is win the rest of their games and see two Detroit losses. Lisa, for a lack of a better word, sucked hard core in regards to the AL Wild Card situation. In the beginning of the year, she had actually chosen Oakland…who’s very bad. Don’t get us wrong, we like them, but they’re still bad. After the All Star Break, Lisa let her poncho get the best of her and she chose the White Sox. Yeah…at least she’s still got an awesome poncho. We agreed that the Angels would take the AL West, but that wasn’t too hard to figure out from the get go. For the NL East, Lisa actually went with the Phillies, as did Serena. Score! Again…Lisa had a few issues with the Wild Card situation. She actually thought the Mets would take it. Not so much. We both struck out in regards to the Central. Both of us felt that the Cubs would take the title and Serena thought the Wild Card would go to the Cardinals. The Cardinals have the division, so we suppose that we can give Serena ½ a point for that. Lisa had high hopes for the San Francisco Giants winning the division and it did seem that for awhile, the Giants were making a run for the Wild Card, but unfortunately fell flat when it mattered most. Serena didn’t want to admit it at the time, but thought the West would go to the Dodgers. In our last remaining days of the regular season, time will only tell if Serena will get the full point or just half a point on that one. Not once did the Rockies ever enter either of our minds.
Today’s Baseball Notes: On Sunday, the Yankees clinched the AL East after completing the sweep of the Red Sox. We can only hope that we do not experience another Groundhog Day and witness the Yankees lose in the first round AGAIN. On Monday, the Angels clinched the AL West with an 11-0 route of the Texas Rangers. That’s gotta hurt. Despite rumors, Kate Hudson’s rep denies that she’s pregnant with AROD’s child. Well…congrats to AROD for not having two baby mamas. Josh Beckett had been scratched from his Monday start against the Toronto Blue Jays with back spasms. It makes us wonder how he got these back spasms. Hmmm…as of now, he’s still scheduled to start against Cleveland tomorrow night. The Rangers’ Omar Vizquel is planning on taking up bull fighting when he returns to his home in Venezuela for the winter. We sincerely hope that he doesn’t take a horn to the side since he is one of the best short stops in the game. However, considering last year he went searching for anacondas like Austin Stevens Snakemaster and survived, we think he’ll be just fine. The Rangers were eliminated from contention on Tuesday night when they lost to the Angels 5-2. This loss also guaranteed the Red Sox the AL Wild Card spot. On Wednesday night, Lisa’s oh so favorite team (please read into the heavy layer of sarcasm), the Phillies clinched the NL East again with their 11-3 win over the Astros. Not to harp on embarrassing blow outs, but it is what it is. Since we’re going to continue on the point of mortifying baseball games, the Mets were swept by the Washington Nationals at Nationals Ballpark this week.

In preparation for the post season, we kick off October with the Black Eyed Peas and “Let’s get it started in here!”

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  1. Love your mustaches! You both look marvelous - Giambi-ish except without the gold thong. LOL. Looking forward to playoff baseball starting next week. GO YANKS!

  2. Great mustaches! Maybe they are a better giveaway than Tiny Tim... I hate to say this but his hair does need a trim! It's reached mullet status!

    Go Twins! They're my pick in the super exciting AL-Central race. -CM

  3. She-fan, we're looking forward to the post season starting too! Even though they're already in, it would be nice if Yankees didn't get swept by the Rays going into the ALDS! C'mon, boys!

    CM, the Twins are certainly doing their part to keep this weekend exciting