Friday, September 4, 2009

The People (All 10) Have Spoken

Last week, we asked you what we could do to make our site better. We must admit that we are a bit disappointed in the turn out. Due to our Boston trip, we had given you two whole weeks to respond and only 10 of you complied. Still…of the 10, half of you (5 for those who are mathematically challenged) felt that an entire photo album dedicated to mascots was in order. This is a bit shocking. We had no idea that our readers were a bunch of perverted furries. However, ask and you shall receive. We will work closely with Tech Support Sean and attempt to create a photo album that contains all of the pictures that we’ve ever taken with the mascots. We will post it to the site as quickly as possible.

In second place, 3 of you voted for “Other.” Of the 3, only 1 person (CM…we think) actually followed directions and left us feedback and asked that we not change a thing. The other 2 of you apparently have difficulties with reading comprehension. How can you vote for “Other” and not tell us what the “Other” is? How does that work exactly? How do you expect us to make you happy if you don’t tell us what makes you happy? It sounds like you two are men.

1 person felt that we should write more joint blogs. We’re not sure what to do here. If we try to accommodate this person, we may piss off the rest of our readers who clearly do NOT want us writing more often (if they wanted us to write more often, more people would’ve voted for that option, no?). If we piss off the majority of our readers, then we won’t have any readers. Quite the conundrum.

Lastly, 1 person felt that we should stop hating on our own teams. We thank you for sharing your feelings. Yes, it may seem that we are impossible to please. No matter how often the Yankees win, Serena will find something to complain about (and it will usually involve Johnny Damon). Serena’s not asking the Yankees to win every single game. That’s completely absurd. All she asks is that if you lose, you lose a well played ball game. A butt kicking is not losing well. A butt kicking makes a person wonder if the local little league team can do better. No matter how many runs the Mets may score, Lisa will complain that the bull pen will blow it. We understand that for loyal Yankees and Mets fans that this kind of pessimistic attitude can be frustrating. That being said, no offense, but you’re the only one who felt this way. Clearly we are not the only negative people in New York. To be quite frank, our negativity isn’t merely applied to the Yankees and Mets. We’re just negative and miserable people in general. Besides, why don’t you go back and really study the Mets’ season so far? Don’t you think Lisa has every right to call them No Talent A** Clowns (NTAC’s)?

We are currently working on posting our Fenway blog and photos. We should have everything completed no later than the end of today. Be patient! We are at the mercy of lunch break time constraints!

BallHype: hype it up!

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