Friday, March 25, 2011

So Let’s Dance the Last Dance

Welcome to the last official day of mobile blogging. Oh and last official Friday blog posting. Since this is Serena’s last day with this company, the TBB have a final practical joke to play on those being left behind. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge exactly what the master plan is until after 5:00…or else certain folks may attempt to thwart this exhibition. In the meantime, we’ll share last week’s poll results. We asked which of the discussed MLB commercials tickled your fancy the most. Of the 7 responses, 4 people felt that Brian Wilson and his magical beard for MLB 2K11 was the best. Only 1 individual thought Joe Mauer’s new “well-played, Mauer” commercial for MLB The Show was amusing. Tim Lincecum’s commercials only earned 1 vote apiece as well. No one chose David Wright’s Vitamin Water commercial or Joe Mauer’s original “well-played, Mauer” commercial. That’s a little sad considering that the Joe Mauer one is really enjoyable to us.

Monday started off bright and cheery (at least for Lisa) because the Mets announced that they’d released Oliver Perez, choosing to eat the remainder of his $12 million salary rather than tolerate his bull shit any longer. Bravo! In the first 2 years of his 3-year contract, Perez went 3-9 with a 6.81 ERA in 31 appearances (21 starts). HAHAHAHA. So long, Ollie! Unfortunately, our joy in his departure was short-lived as for some god forsaken reason the Nationals chose to sign him to a minor-league deal yesterday. Why the f they’d sign a jack-a-loon like him is beyond us. They started the offseason so promising by acquiring Pudge Rodriguez and Jayson Werth and now they’ve got Ollie?? If he makes the team, the Nationals would only be responsible for $414,000 (being that the Mets are still paying him $12 MILLION). Just because something’s on sale, doesn’t mean you buy it, people! Maybe they’re just looking for someone to take a crap on the mound every few days. If that’s the case, we’ll be happy to do it for a 1/3 of what they’d have to pay Perez.

In other humorous news related to former idiot Mets players, the newly signed Luis Castillo never showed up to Phillies’ camp on Tuesday. While manager Charlie Manuel claimed that he wasn’t disappointed in the situation, it seems as though Phillies’ officials were a bit confused and frustrated by his absence (and can we really blame them?). Castillo had agreed to a minor-league deal on Monday morning. Manuel hadn’t been informed as to WHY Castillo was delayed, but a source told Buster Olney of ESPN Magazine that it was a “personal matter.” Aw, did he get his period? Pal, if you’re trying to get a permanent job, it’s probably not a good idea to blow off your first day at work. Not that we’re experts or anything like that…

Curtis Granderson was scratched from the lineup against the Orioles on Tuesday night because of an oblique strain. The team is still uncertain what this means in terms of a timeline for his return, but he could miss Opening Day…again. Super.

Lastly, the Nationals officially placed Stephen Strasburg on the 60-day DL as he recovers from September’s elbow surgery. We really hope that they didn’t make the a$$ clown Perez decision based on this. Talk about a terrible impulse purchase.

Little tid bits of information for you that aren’t to be taken lightly as you’ll definitely need them to survive. Check out the Fred K’s Cancer website or Facebook page to see what awesome shit we’ve gotten donated thus far for our raffle contest. This year’s contest is clearly going to be amazing. Please don’t judge the number of fitness-related items and assume that the TBB have either gotten incredibly fat or in incredible shape. We’re still basically hovering around the “average” line.

We finally purchased our tickets to our Twins/Mariners game at Target Field. This was a little more involved than our purchase of Brewers tickets. Lisa spent about 45 minutes on the phone with the operator attempting to secure tickets on the first base side. Initially, Lisa checked the Twins website, but to her dismay, she kept getting tickets for standing room only, which is simply not an option because we’re inherently lazy. While on the phone, she discovered that her choices were still pretty limited, but a little more flexible than just standing room…meaning that she could choose standing room or two single seats nowhere each other. Finally, she had no choice but to visit our old friend, Stub Hub. For a total of $120, we got seats in section 107 (which is on the first base side aka: in view of Justin Morneau). On the Twins website, these seats cost about $50 each so we didn’t get hosed too badly on the cost. *sigh* We underestimated you, Twins. For that we’ve paid the price. Apologies. We’ll never fail you again. OH! Also, since we’re forced to “download” ugly tickets, if anyone is attending this game, please meet us at our section to donate your real ticket stubs. : )

Travel items left to be accomplished for 2011: Booking a Milwaukee hotel, booking Denver airfare, and if it’s in the cards, Toronto airfare, hotel, and Blue Jays tickets.

Tomorrow, we’ll be joining Roberta at the Ab Crunch Challenge for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital at the West Hempstead Lady of America Fitness Center. With all of the energy we’ve devoted to Fred K’s Cancer this year, we thought it best to bow out of the actual crunching and fundraising. Instead, we’ve chosen to donate to Roberta, cheer her on, and count her crunches for her. Again, we’ll be in full military regalia in order to fully express our high level of intimidation.

“It’s the last blog. The last blog on Friday. Yes, it’s our last blog. Last blog on Friday. We need you to still read us on Sunday, it’s a fun day. Last blog todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.” Thank you and have nice night!

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