Saturday, April 9, 2011

New York Mets Opening Day 2011

Happy Opening Day Anniversary to me ! Today marks my 5th Mets Opening Day. I have to tell you that I didn’t think that it was going to happen this year. I had asked Papa L to go with me since we had such a great time last year but sadly he declined his own daughter . Laurie who I usually attend Opening Day with still had not made a commitment to go yet, and The TBB contest to go to Opening Day with me was an Epic fail as well as a joke. Since it was getting close to opening day I decided to call the fine people at 718-507-TIXX to see if tickets were available. The wonderful sales man who’s name I can not remember reassured me that there were PLENTY of seats available and that I would have no problem purchasing Opening Day tickets. Guess that’s just one of the perks to being a fan of a team that plays like crap. So exactly a week before Opening Day I purchased tickets with my fellow Met fan Laurie and her son Ethan. Last year for field level I paid $100 bucks this year for nearly the same location my Opening Day ticket stub says $50 bucks. Oh what a difference a year makes

I got to Laurie’s house at exactly 11:45 , parked the car jumped into her car and onto the parkway we go. We arrived at Citi Field at 12:30pm. Parking has jumped to $19 I believe it was $18 last year. Laurie drove into the lot and parked the car next to her gang. The Plainview Posse was already setting up the tent and grills , yes grills they had two grills going on this was going to be some serious tailgating that was about to go down.

Long time fan of the TBB Jeff was so kind to loan me some sassy red gloves that he does not want anyone to know that he owns.The temperature was a lot colder then what I had expected. Everything you could think was out on the Barbie. Just to disgust you I had sausage and peppers, hotdog wrapped in bacon, bbq chicken, chips and guacamole, a glorious cheese platter as well as a hamburger. I washed that all down with wine.

The WFAN van came around and gave us free Mr. Met t-shirts and took some pictures of the gang. The day is looking promising when you receive free sh*t. The parking lot was filled with high spirited Met fans. I noticed that two parking spots over #1 Fan Steph’s cousin Nicole had pulled in with her boyfriend Jonathan who to clarify is a “nice boy“. Nicole like myself is a David Wright enthusiast . The difference however between Nicole and I is that she actually has a picture with David where I only have a photo shop one that is currently on a coffee mug.

After I sat and chatted with Nicole I looked at my watch and saw that it was 3:00. Game time was 4:10 and did I mention that they were giving out a free Mr. Met bobblehead . Oh yea this is going down. Due to previous incidents with Laurie such as missing free giveaways and the raising of the 2006 National league Division Championship flag I knew I was making an escape by myself. There was no way I was not getting a bobblehead. Entered the gates with no problem and victory is mine. Behold one of the greatest free giveaways .

Our seats are usually excellent. This year I had the pleasure of staring at Carlos Beltran. Wonderful. I have you know that I yelled at him every chance I got. He looks good in right field picking his a** which I really do think I saw him do on several occasions . Just saying. When the Mets were not up I stared at Jayson Werths nasty facial hair. He should really consider letting the TBB shave him.

The Opening ceremony is always lovely . Michael Amante sang the National Anthem and the American flag was unfolded.

This year the first pitch was thrown out by original Met and Mets Hall of Fame broadcaster Ralph Kiner. Let’s play ball !!! I have to be honest but this was the most boring Opening Day game I have been to. My match up was R.A Dickey for the Mets and Jordan Zimmerman for the nationals . I wonder if he is related to Ryan?? The Nationals took the lead early in the game. Jordan Zimmermann singles on a line drive to right fielder Carlos Beltran (Note that this is the first time I caught him picking his a**). Rick Ankiel scores as well as Danny Espinosa. This makes the score in the top of the second 2-0.

In the bottom of the Fourth David Wright hits a double as Carlos Beltran does what he does best,nothing. Carlos grounds out but at least David advances to third. Ike Davis hit’s a sac fly and David comes home. We are on the board!!!! Whoop Whoop! It’s now 2-1.

It is at this time that I decide to wonder the stadium. As I am walking I see Mr. Met. It feels like the first time every time I see him. I start to walk briskly in his direction. I am now in front of him as he slaps me high five and walks on. I need yet another picture with Mr. Met so I continue to follow him only to be shot down by “Vic” from the Pepsi party patrol who is telling people only High fives from the glorious Met mascot. No time for pictures?!?! Vic here's a news flash that's what mascots do they take pictures with the fans! What kind of crap is that “Vic”? Guess what Vic? I'm watching you,and you bet the next time I encounter you at Citi Field with fellow TBB Serena you can be certain that you will be getting a karate chop to the head if you do not allow us to pose with Mr. Met.

I get back to my seat disappointed and angry. Somehow the Nationals score again and it is 3-1 top of the fifth. In the bottom of the fifth Josh Thole singles and Lucas Duda hit’s a double causing Thole to score.It is now 3-2. Do I smell a rally? No it was probably just me burping up the peppers and onions. That my friends is all the Mets would score.

It gets hairy in the 8th . Mike Morse of the Nationals walks he is then replaced for pinch runner Laynce Nix. Rick Ankiel singles on a line drive to guess who ???? Carlos Beltran. Lync Nix to second. Danny Espinosa walks. Ivan Rodriguez singles on a ground ball to right fielder Carlos Beltran.( Why not hit the ball there not like he is going to make some amazing play) Laynce Nix scores. Rick Ankiel scores. Another run comes in before the eight is over and the score is 6-2

The outdoor climate and the Mets are getting to me. I suggest to Laurie to leave. I am not a delusional Met fan. I know there is no come back and I can no longer feel the tip of my nose. I ask Ethan to take one last picture of me and it should explain how I feel.

As I leave the stadium I think of when I was in the parking lot and I came across a t-shirt company called 27 up 27 down. I liked the t-shirt they were sporting.It had Mr. Met On it and it said “Keep Calm and Carry on”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Happy Opening Day Met Fans!


  1. Great post Le! "Keep Calm and Carry On" sounds like it should be our (as well as fellow Met fans)slogan for the season;)

  2. Sorry I didn't let you take a picture. Mr. Met does have a schedule, he is "working" ya know. If it was up to me he'd take pictures with everyone all the time. I'm glad I didn't get a chop to the head. :)

  3. I have forgiven you, Vic. It has been nearly a year. Time heals all wounds. I apologize for the threat. I was angry. Besides, Serena would have been the one to karate chop you. All I would have needed to do was point you out and it would have been all over for you. I hope this year that you let me pose with Mr. Met. I'm still watching you...