Sunday, May 20, 2012

It’s The Hardest Thing

It took us roughly 6 hours to complete these two posts today. Mind you, we already had a topic covered, so it’s not like it took us this long to decide what we were going to write about. We got sucked into VH1’s countdown to the Top 100 Songs of the 90’s. C’mon. You know that sh*t was banging. We found ourselves singing along to the great ones like Good Vibrations, What A Man, Jump Around, It’s Tearing Up My Heart, Hit Me Baby One More Time, Mr. Jones, Genie In A Bottle, Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, Can’t Touch This, Groove Is In The Heart, I Touch Myself, You Oughtta Know, I Will Always Love You, Never Gonna Get It, My Heart Will Go On (as well as this list of epic songs). We even knew the synchronized dance to many of the music videos (mostly the ones featuring boy bands). As a result, we found ourselves singing along and reminiscing about 98 Degrees (and rising). Serena (the commitment-phone half of the TBB) thought that she was going to marry Jeff from 98 Degrees. Marry. As in participate willingly in a wedding. A wedding in which she was going to marry a man who had 98 Degrees tattooed on his amazingly sculpted bicep. Lisa, on the other hand, attended a poster signing at Tower Records in Manhattan. At aforementioned signing, she threw her phone number at Nick Lachey. We don’t know why Nick never called. Yup. Such was high school. You’re the sunshine after the rain.

As you may recall, we’ll be leaving for our first stadium trip of 2012 in a few days. We asked you what you were most looking forward to about our upcoming trip. 2 of you can’t wait to hear about our drunken antics. Only 1 person cares about the Braves game, which is disturbing considering that’s the whole point of this blog. Lastly, 1 person wants to hear about 2 a-holes zip-lining. Awesome.

As always, we do cherish you. For the rest of our lives, you don’t have to think twice.

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