Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guess who's back? Back again!

Hello our little pretties! Did you miss us? We know it must have been horrible not hearing from us in two weeks. Withdrawal is a horrible process to go threw. While we were down south getting our two step on we asked you “What do you think of bunting as a skill?” 7 of you came out to show your opinion and we are happy to report 5 of you think that it is a dying art in the MLB today. The other 2 votes were probably fans of a NL team and felt that NL league players are borderline professionals at it and the AL league sucks balls. That’s not very nice to say. Shame on you! We think the NL and AL are pretty much equal in the art of bunting. Long are the days were the bunt would actually advance the runner. Watching players bunt these days is like watching a dog walk like a human. It looks weird and unnatural and in some cases players even get injured.

Before we get on to baseball notes we like to take the time to give a big thanks to Lisa’s Cousins Vinny and Phyllis. They made a temporary home for the TBB while we were traveling and fed us till our hearts were content as well as chauffeuring us to any destination we asked even if it was something asinine like a winery in Tennessee. We had a blast with them and are truly sorry we ate and drank you out of house and hold.

Baseball notes:
Hmmmmmm is there any news worthy notes today? Well incase you live under a rock we are proud to inform you that our little Johan Santana pitched the Mets first no- hitter on Friday night against the Cardinals. It took the Mets 51 seasons for this to happen. Left fielder Mike Baxter made a great catch in the seventh when he chased down a fly ball hit by Yadier Molina. Baxter crashed into the wall and was taken out of the game with a left shoulder contusion. It saved Santana’s no hit attempt and it was nice to see players taking one for the team and everyone coming together to help Santana achieve the no-hitter. The final out recorded was a strike out to last year’s World Series MVP David Freese. Santana went on to throw 134 pitches that night with 5 walks and 8 strikeouts. Lisa and Papa L watched the final out together. Papa L was happy for once and prompted him to once again start talking about Tom Seaver and how he came so close to a no-hitter during Papa L’s time. As if Johan Santana’s no hitter was not enough for everyone to celebrate we are happy to announce that for obvious reasons Santana is our TBB Super Hero of the week. We know he is tearing up right now as he reads about this great honor we just gave him.

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