Sunday, February 24, 2013

Whomp, Whomp... seems that we've bamboozled you. While we may have intended to give you a blog, we're not actually going to. We got distracted by Chipotle and an Archer marathon. Oops. We SWEAR that next week, we'll give you a legit baseball-related blog and THEN after that, you'll get our video of the Stages of Burpees. So, we promise to make this setback up to you.

Random baseballness:
Curtis Granderson left today's game with a fractured right forearm thanks to being a hit by a pitch in his first at bat of the spring training season. WELLLLLP, that was quick. He'll supposedly ready for action by May 5th or so.

Our tickets to July 20th's Royals/Tigers game have been purchased, as well as our passes to the Early Bird pre-grame experience for that day. Single-game tickets for the Cardinals go on sale on March 1st, so slowly, but surely the 2013 stadium tour is falling into place. Hooray.

Okay, back to Archer. Peace out, bitches.


  1. shennanigans!

    well, I guess you did post pics in your undies last week so that goes a long way. And a possible sweaty video next week.

    (opps. I was distracted by link to Kate Upton SI photos on a page that was reviewing Doritos JACKED Ranch Dipped Hot Wings Chips)

    ok, so where was I..oh, sweaty video, don't forget to stretch first.

    1. Did we say next week you're getting a video? Pretty sure we said in the near future...

  2. next week, we'll give you a legit baseball-related blog and THEN after that, you'll get our video...

    I was wishfully reading between the lines and skipping words ;)

  3. I guess we'll take what we can get...Glad your stadium tour is falling into place (you'll be rooting for the Tigs in KC, of course...). I've already ordered tix for West Michigan, Winston-Salem, and Hickory. I'll get my Kannapolis tix ordered toady. Beat THAT sh!t...

  4. St Louis tickets today! Lisa will be on company time ordering them! Boo-yah!