Sunday, June 16, 2013

Terribleness...and Balls. Balls for Everyone

We should preface this blog admitting that we are drinking heavily while blogging. If there are typos, do not email us about them. For we are drunk. And we do not care. We are celebrating surviving another 5K...and Father's Day. Yesterday we ran in the Inaugural Running of the Balls to benefit the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation in honor of Fred #1. It was very hot. And sort of confusing because we didn't understand the location of the mile markers, which made things very stressful for us, but nevertheless, as always, we finished (that's what he said). We've even got pictures for you:
As per our response on our Facebook page, it's clear that you people do not care that we took a photo with a hairy testicle. You people only care that it was Timmy's birthday yesterday. It's not like he's buying you guys birthday drinks! Like he buys us. When we go boozin'...which is A LOT. Don't let our long distance relationship fool you. He's just as committed to it as we are. This is us drunk at some local bar participating in Tom Foolery:
After the 5K,we stopped at a nearby café that served two-fer mimosas and bloody mary's. Obviously, we needed that because without alcohol, we experience liver failure.
These mimosas were pathetic. There was hardly any alcohol in them. Serena is way better at mixing alcoholic beverages than these people. Serena's bartending mission is that if you're not drunk after 2 drinks, she didn't put enough booze in your drink. Trust us, she will mix different liquors that do not compliment each other in order to accomplish this mission. In fact, during her Casino Royale party, Serena made a pitcher of the "Vesper Martini" and Brother took one sip of it and stated, "Hello. I am experiencing liver failure." Yup. She's that good.
PS - Lisa is drunk and Serena is not. This is why Serena hates being the professional in this duo. Now she's going to need to hit the bottle of Johnny so that she can catch up.
Lisa now wants to be done blogging, so where we were initially going to discuss the All Star Game, we are now going to leave you to drink more. But before we go, we're going to wish Happy Father's Day to our two special Freds...who we're confident are super proud of all of our endeavors.


  1. mimosas and bloody marys...good sources of vitamin C.

    did you ride the tram?

    I got to go to a game at Fenway on rained...was concerned Serena was there making it rain. Ate some clam chowder at the game that was pretty good.

    1. We took the subway from Forest Hills.

      Serena will not be back to Fenway anytime soon, so not to worry on that front.