Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's Been Awhile's the off season. For baseball and for us, clearly. Overall, it's been a pretty chaotic last few weeks for us. Besides that, we're not really sure you even noticed our absence. We fed you old garbage and you ate it up like hungry, hungry hippos. Also, no one signed our Jayson Werth petition, so nice job guys. How do you expect him to listen to us if you don't support us?

In all honesty, it's becoming increasingly challenging to find sh*t to write about during this time of year. Throw in our severe ADD and it's an all around sh*t show. Lisa arrived at Serena's house at 7:20 pm and it took us an hour to stop surfing the internet, looking up Vinylmation toys, and perusing our Disney Facebook photo album.

Since it's so difficult for us to find creative blog topics to write about during the November and December months (and sometimes January), we'd like your feedback. This means you actually need to respond. If you don't respond, this request defeats the purpose. The most interesting topics we receive (either via Blogger, email, Twatter, or Facebook) will be covered here on the blog. You'll also get credit for coming up with the idea and if we're feeling particularly generous, we will send you a prize. Probably something incredible like an autographed photo of Alyssa Milano...or us in action mode.

We leave you with this random photo to get you through your darkest hours:


  1. John Mayberry Jr and Didi Gregorius will not cause anyone to consider a season ticket to the Mets/Yankees as both general managers show analysis/paralysis. Discuss...

  2. how about spending 24 hours with some baseball player?

    your boy Timmy, Jeter, the Mets 3rd baseman, Mike Trout, etc...all the escapades and hilarity that took place.

    I liked Time Travelling Baseball Babes...I think I would doubt the authenticity of Alyssa Milano's autograph- besides her photo would probably have been spit on or something. :P Would eating Taco Bell count as action mode?

    1. Eating Taco Bell is the only action mode that matters

  3. offseason Taco Bell or any food video reviews! (I included an s)

    don't have to write a lot.