Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mets vs. Athletics 7-22-17

Thor Bobblehead Day. A day that will live in infamy. Since bobbleheads are clearly a hot commodity, even bobbleheads for players that no one cares about, we made sure to arrive at the stadium super early. Before the doors open early. Unfortunately, we were not the only ones to come up with this idea. When we pulled into the parking lot, a line had already formed. In fact, many lines had already formed. And they were very long.

We stood on a line for two and a half hours. Allow us to show you the journey:

In case you couldn't figure this out on your own, we did NOT receive a bobblehead. It was a source of frustration for some people in our group. Mainly Lisa.
1. Quite a few people stood on this line, got their bobblehead, and then left. These people are posers and assholes and do not deserve these bobbleheads. If you attend a game, accept your free giveaway, and then leave, the team should remove the giveaway from your person. You need to last at least 6 innings in order to maintain custody of your free giveaway.
2. Why can't teams just make enough bobbleheads to go around? It's not like they're well made. How much money could you possibly lose on the deal? Especially when a can of beer is $20.
3. Some people got to the ballpark at 2 pm for a 7 pm start time. They are losers.  While they stood an unmoving line for four hours (probably surfing Facebook and Snapchatting and/or taking selfies of themselves on an unmoving line), the rest of the world carried on. This is sad. Please, reevaluate your life choices, people.
4. If you sell a free giveaway on the internet for more than $0, you are an ass clown. That is all.

Once inside, we went right for the food. Standing around and complaining takes a lot out of you. Sal is a somewhat picky eater, so he just ended up eating two Italian sausage sandwiches, but us ladies are very open minded. Lisa ordered a steak sandwich from Pat LaFrieda's. Everything Gina and Serena ordered came from the Blue Smoke stand. Two platters of mac and cheese - one with pulled pork and the other with brisket. Plus, an order of barbecue seasoned fries. And then Serena needed a brat sandwich.  And also beer. Lots of beer. We did not feel very well by the end of this game. Not one bit. Only Citi Field can tell us exactly how much money we pissed away on all of that food.
Later, Lisa and Gina also visited the "Do" stand and ordered cups of "dough" for $6/each. Lisa got cake batter and Gina got plain chocolate chip cookie dough.
Our seats came courtesy of a David Paul Massage & Yoga "staff + one outing." Gina and Serena are staff. Serena got two + one's because Sal is basically dating the both of us.
This is the view from the seats that David bought for the outing and they're pretty awesome.
The game did not start well. In the first inning, the A's scored 4 runs. Add that to the bobblehead situation and the fact that it started to rain and Lisa was a very angry elf. The Mets' finally scored in the bottom of the 6th with a Jay Bruce two-run home run, which made the score 5-2.
Wilmer Flores drove in the walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th to give the Mets the 6-5 win. It made Lisa feel much better...but not completely. Because we still did not have a bobblehead. Nor did anyone accidentally leave theirs behind like we'd hoped. People are so selfish. 


  1. Sounds like you guys were grudge eating!

    Had the steak sandwich from Pat LaFrieda's one time- meh, not enough steak for me.

    Have either of you had the Momofuku chicken sandwich?