Monday, August 14, 2017

Yankees vs. Reds 7-25-17

There wasn't much of a game to watch. Don't get us wrong. A game was played. We just didn't see much of it. Funny story why.

It all started when Sal and Serena picked Brother and Lisa up at their office. They got all the way there only to discover that they didn't have the tickets, so we had to drive all the way back home in rush hour traffic to retrieve them. Thankfully, we were able to use the HOV lane, but it was still pretty shitty. Then we sat in the same rush hour back toward Yankee Stadium. How we managed to get there before the game started is a mystery.

Alas, it didn't matter that we arrived before game time. Do you know why? Because the lines to get into the stadium were wrapped around the venue like the Yankees were passing out gold nuggets free of charge at the door. What caused these heinous lines? Also a great mystery. By the time we got into the ballpark, it was the top of the 2nd inning.

Since we'd already missed the start of the game, we all decided to get food. We wanted our favorite mac and cheese, so we dragged Brother to the Toyota Terrace while Sal went in search of a sausage stand. We stood on line at the Toyota Terrace for about 15 minutes before the bartender confessed that they were an hour behind and if we really wanted food, we should seek it elsewhere. We texted Sal to meet us at our seats and headed to our section to find food there.

Upon arriving at our section, we witnessed total mayhem. The lines were outrageous and moving slower than tree sap. Another mystery. We really should've called Scooby and the gang to solve it. By the time we reached our seats, it was the 6th inning. Repeat. The 6th. This is all of the shit that we ordered:
It should be noted that we ordered chicken sliders, not tenders and that our cashier chose not to give any of us peppers or onions on our sausage sandwiches. So, don't confuse this photo as being a photo of hot dogs. It is in fact a photo of sausage sandwiches.

We got our tickets off of a Mastercard Monday deal. This view cost us $25/each (fees included). Not too shabby, eh?

The Yankees won the game. Based on the three innings that we saw, we were extremely satisfied with the outcome. And our bucket of french fries.

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  1. "confuse this photo as being a photo of hot dogs" lol- the voice in my head said hey naked hot dogs before I read that.

    2/3 of the pics had food in them! I guess they are still working the kinks out of the new stadium.