Thursday, July 23, 2009

TBB Pre-Game Show

Insert ESPN theme song. Literally. Imagine us singing it together at Serena's dining room table. Because we really did sing it. We figured that since we became such mass transit experts after our Chicago trip, we would give it a go in our own city. More about that story tomorrow.

Since tomorrow's blog will be devoted to our trip to the stadium, we're going to cover our poll results and baseball notes now. On Thursday, the Yankees announced that Notre Dame and Army will play at Yankees Stadium on November 20, 2010. Citi Field is to host the 2013 All Star Game. ESPN radio and select sites reported that the Mets flat out declined an option to trade for Roy Halladay. The deal would've included Fernando Martinez, Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell, and Ruben Tejada. Lisa Facebook status of the day was not one of joy. We're now hearing that this report may be bogus, but one will never know we suppose. On Saturday, July 18th, the Marlins finally broke ground on their new stadium located in Miami' Little Havana neighborhood on the site where the Orange Bowl once stood. Miami 2012, here we come! On Sunday, July 19th, Brad Ziegler set the Major League record for pitching 27 consecutive scoreless innings against the Seattle Mariners. Go Brad! Finally, we've decided to $100 to the Red Sox so that Wally the Green Monster will visit our seats during our trip in August. This may sound extremely pathetic, but we refuse to have another Phillie Phanatic experience. We're using Maria's birthday as an excuse. Happy Birthday, Maria! See you soon! Actually, we hope Maria doesn't read this because it's a surprise. Clearly, we're really horrible at keeping surprises under wraps. There have been many a wasted surprises thanks to Lisa, as per Meryl.

We're hoping to post pictures tomorrow of tonight's game. We leave you with the Beastie Boys' poetic words of, "Don't sleep til' Bronx!

BallHype: hype it up!

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