Friday, December 11, 2009

Riding the bandwagon to the Winter Meetings

Welcome to another wonderful week of TBB awesomeness. Lisa is all by herself again (insert Celine Dion singing) while Serena is in Spain. Hope she is having a grand ole time and brings Lisa back a cool souvenir. Next week we will be reunited and hopefully have a great story to tell you about how TOWSNBN met us in front of FAO Schwartz. He then forgave us, took a picture with us and decided that we were such wonderful people that he donated an enormous amount of money to Fred K’s Cancer. Since we are on the topic of TOWSNBN let’s go over last week’s poll. The TBB had asked you Should TOWSNBN stop ignoring us and just take a damn photo with us already? We gave you two simple choices. The first one was yes- Lisa is not getting any older. I am happy to report that this was the winner.Five of you have realized that I am not getting any younger and eventually will look like a raisin so I must get this picture while I am still young. Two of you had the nerve to say that No we can’t be trusted. How dare you!!!! What kind of fans are you? I must say I am extremely disappointed in you and maybe The TBB should be banning you from our site. However I have a strange feeling one of the two votes came from TOWSNBN.

Baseball notes time!!! Hip Hip Hooray! I am just trying to get you somewhat excited because all the notes this week are about the uneventful winter meetings. At least they were uneventful for me personally. Shall we talk about some of the business that went down? The team that seems to have made significant moves during the meetings was the Houston Astros. They managed to sign Matt Lindstrom previously of the Florida Marlins. In return the Astros gave up minor Leaguers Robert Bono, a pitcher, and Luis Bryan, an infielder, and a player to be named to the Marlins. Job well done guys. The Astros also signed Pedro Feliz formerly of the Phillies with a one year contract of 4.5 million dollars. Hometown team the Yankees made a huge splash with the 7 man trade that has them putting Curtis Granderson in pinstripes. The trade had to send outfield prospect Austin Jackson and left-hander Phil Coke of the Yankees to Detroit while also shipping right-hander Ian Kennedy to Arizona. The other part of the transaction was that the D-backs acquired right-hander Edwin Jackson from the Tigers, and Detroit obtained right-hander Max Scherzer and left-hander Daniel Schlereth from Arizona. Did you catch all that ? Other moves that the Bronx bombers did was the re-signing of veteran pitcher Andy Pettitte to a one-year, $11.75 million contract with the Yankees on Wednesday. Did anyone expect anything less from the 2009 World Series Champs.

In other transactions the Brewers and Randy Wolf agreed to a deal which includes a fourth-year club option and guarantees $29.75 million. At the time I wrote this it was not confirmed until he passes a physical. The Washington Nationals signed Ivan Rodriguez aka Pudge to a 2yr contract worth 6 million, again this is all pending on a physical. Keep note fans that Physicals do not guarantee the health of your player for injuries happen to the best of us look at 2009 Mets. Speaking of my beloved Mets I was starting to get a little worried that my team was doing nada. I am pleased to announce as of yesterday that the Mets have offered a deal to leftfielder Jason Bay and catcher Bengie Molina. Hey I’ll take Molina and Bay any day :) .
On a sad note I was upset to find out that the Kansas City Royals released Hottie Mike Jacobs. Serena and I have a special bond to this player. He is the first player to take a chance on us and pose for a picture with me and signed an autograph when he had played for the Mets. Another plus side to Mr. Jacobs is that he is a fine piece of man and we are going to miss watching you and your ass. We can only hope and pray he gets to make an appearance and some team somewhere takes a chance on him. For the sake of the TBB’S pure pleasures someone please sign him!
I know there was a lot more to the winter meetings that I have probably missed but in my defense I do have a day job and it was getting kind of hectic keeping track and I am all by myself and we all know I am shall we say a little less skilled in the blogging area. So please don’t get irate if I missed a trade or transaction there is always next week people.

If you noticed in the title of this week’s blog I mentioned the word “Bandwagon”. That is going to be my topic this week. What does the word Bandwagon fan mean to you? In my opinion there are two types of bandwagon fans in all the various sports. One example is of this is that when the going get’s tough for your team you take the simple way out and root for a team that is doing exceptional well. Another form of a Bandwagon fan is one that knows nothing about the sport in question, never watched a game in their life, only watches the playoffs and then claims to be a fan when the team wins a title. These people act like they came out of the womb with a foam finger upon them dressed up in which it looks like the team threw up all over them yet they have no clue what the hell is going on.
Out of the two examples that I have given nothing gets under my skin more then the second type of bandwagon fan. It baffles me that these type of people (I am not even giving them the satisfaction of being called a fan) have the nerve to start sport beef with you. In other words taunt you with your team sucks or my team is number one. Umm Helloooooooooooo people when I know your starting lineup, your offense or defense better then you where do get off trying to start a debate or calling it your team. I also have to say that guess what losers the real fans of the team you are trying to join don’t want you!!! Yup that’s right I have talked with people on this issue and they have no use for you. They know what you are all about. They are the real fans that have stuck threw the good, the bad and the ugly and know you hoarders want to only come in when everything is all coming up roses. The real fans deserve to celebrate with the team. They are the ones that watch every game know what trades have been made who is on the DL and so forth. While you bandwagon bums who live in a bed of fandom lies and probably smell like beef and cheese are just along for the ride or should I say ticker tape parade. You people make me sick.

I am glad I got to rant about this matter. It is a subject that haunts me everyday especially when you are a Met fan. Even so I know when the Yankees or Mets (the Met more so then the Yankees) are not playing up to par Serena and I might spew obscenities at the TV but we have never jumped ship and never will and those real fans that are just like us I salute you.

Well it’s been real my TBB peeps. That’s all folks (for this week) Tune in next week for our regularly scheduled duo blog. In light of the holiday season and the winter meetings I leave you with this Holiday jingle redone by various recording artist so sing in the version you prefer. “The weather outside is frightful and the winter meetings were not so delightful so since none of the big guns have no team to go. Let’s sell, let’s sign, let’s go!!!

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