Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mets Opening Day 2010

April 5th 2010

The season had finally arrived . All that had happened last year with the Mets was behind us. It was a fresh new start. I was extremely excited to go to opening day this year . I try to go every year to opening day, usually with Laurie aka The Met Jinx, but she was on vacation and I thought it was time that Papa L and I had a bonding day. Papa L in all his years of being a disgruntal Met fan had never experienced an opening day ever. I had a extra ticket and invited my Dad's High School buddy Mark to join in the festivites, and so my journey begins.

Mark picked my dad and I up at 10:45 sharp. We drove to flushing in the Chevy impala on what I might have to say was one of the georgous days that I have ever gotten on opening day . I was glad that Mark was driving which meant I was not leaving after the 6th in which my beloved father is known for leaving due to his fear of traffic. We arrived at Citi field at about 11:20 and began our search for the parking lot in which the cops can park. Mark is a retired officer of the law and figured he was entitled to some perks . To every single cop we approched, Mark would whip out that badge and instantly we were treated like royalty. As we finally approached the Marina where we were told to park (for free might I add), lo and behold it was packed . My luck . This had wasted lots of time for at this point it was noon and crowds were really coming in . Unable to avoid the inevitable, we paid 19 bucks to park which is a buck more than last year . The Citi Field staff that was directing traffic had wanted us to turn right but once again the handy dandy badge got shown and we were allowed to park in VIP. I am starting to think I need to get me one of these badges .

The impala pulled into a front row spot and we were facing a entrance labled Casey Stengle. Down further was another entrance labeled Tom Seaver. This was new from last year . I got that stomach ache that you get on the first day of school as we were getting closer to the main entrance. We entered the stadium and I noticed the Hall of Fame . This was another new addition to the stadium. The Hall of Fame has a lot of Mets memrobilia, such as our only two World Series trophies and the ball that Mookie Wilson hit to win game 6 of the 1986 world series. Sadly, I did not get to go in the museum, but I am sure I will be at plenty of games to make up for it . I was very pleased to see the new additions to the stadium. I am glad that the fans were heard. Many were (as I was) very displeased last year when they opened the stadium and it had nothing that stood out or screamed that this was a stadium for the Mets.

First thing is first, people. Before we even find our seats, I needed a dirty dog . I have been dreaming about the Shea dog all in the off season and yes, it will always be the Shea dog to the TBB . Mark and I went up to the food stands as Papa L went to our seats . Mark asked for three dogs and the man said foot long? Mark turned to me and I, with no hesitation, said yes . We went to the toppings stand and I loaded mine up with all the trimmings . Second stop: Beer!!!! Food and Beer compliments of Mark. I don't know why I don't go more often with them . Baffling .. Mark and I spotted Papa L or aka Bobby Valentine (he was looking just so spiffy my dad in his Met manager jacket and hat). Dad you are so cute sometimes. The seats were great . We were in section 106 a few rows up on field level . I thought to myself how much I was going to be staring at Jeff Francoeur and a smile grazed my face .

Opening Ceremonies proceeded with the introduction of both teams . Of course the Marlins got booed and on the Mets the following got the boo birds: Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez, and the Mets manager, Jerry Manual . Ok I understand you booing Ollie but if your gonna boo him then you have to boo Maine and Pelfry. They deserve them too. Papa L likes to call the Three Stooges: Mo, Larry and Curly. Only time will tell if they prove him wrong. The National Anthem was sung by 4Troops, whis is a group that consists of four miltary veterans from Afghamistan and Iraq. It was three men and 1 woman and they sang their rendition beautifully. As they were singing, out on the field was a giant american flag being unfolded and I turned and glanced at my Dad. I saw that his right eye was glassy and it touched me. I was deeply moved by what was happening. After the anthem four fighter jets flew over heads . Mets great Darryl Strawberry came onto the mound and threw out the first pirch . The crowd went wild and the game was about to begin.

The pitching matchup was a good one . The Mets' Johan Santana was up against the Florida Marlins' Josh Johnson. Santana looked good and I witnessed something I have not seen in a long time. The Mets were actually playing well and using fundamental baseball. TOWSNBN (yup I am not using his name) hit a 2-run homer to the opposite side of the field at his try at bat . There went up the homerun apple- a sight that was not seen by many fans last year. I thought maybe the reason for our free giveaway, which was a replica homerun apple, was to appease the fans in case they did not see it go up this year . The game went on with Mets leading 2-0 and the Marlins playing horrible baseball. Cody Ross was getting it bad from the fans in my section. Such rants were "Cody you suck" and "You need to move in. He does not hit the ball that far" (that was when Luis Castillo came up to the plate and my favorite). "I can't wait for Big Pelf to bean you in the head." All of the new additions to the Mets made a mark in the game as well. Jason Bay hit a triple in the sixth as well as a run scoring double by Rod Barajas who then scored on a pinch hit single by Angel Pagan. Santana lasted 6 innings. Fernando Nieve provided two scoreless innigs which was a nice surprise before closer Francisco Rodriguez came in and pitched a clean ninth. The ending score was 7-1 in favor of the Mets. I know that we have a long way to go and it is only the first game but I feel this game was huge to me and many fans and on a pefect day it couldn't of ended any better . Maybe no Laurie=More Met wins. I'm just saying.


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  1. Great blog Le! You made me feel like I was right there with you!(wish i was:() Gotta love Fred and his adorable Met outfit! I too was thrilled to start the season with a win! Lets hope it stays that way.Go Mets;)!!!
    p.s love the hair!(and i now can only think about the shea dog...yum!)