Friday, May 28, 2010

Baseball Notes & Poll Results

We have returned unscathed and a little browner from our stadium touring in Southern California! Since our blog for today focuses on our visit to Angel Stadium, we’re posting our poll results and baseball notes for this week separately.

Before boarding the second worst flight in history (we figure that planes that actually crash are the only flights that should be allocated the title of “Worst Flight in History”), we asked you which stadium in Southern California we’d like best. Despite giving you 2 weeks to vote, we still only managed to earn 7 total votes, which is a bit sad. Our readers must be dropping like flies. Petco Park is the winner with 4 votes. Congratulations. We couldn’t agree more. The view of beyond the outfield wall is lovely, the ball park is clean and charming (similar to Camden Yards in Baltimore and as it turns out, the same designer did both stadiums), and they have a BBQ pit for heaven’s sakes. The only con? The fans had no zip to their fanhood. The fans at Dodger Stadium (runner up with 2 votes) annihilated Padres fans when it came to personality and passion for their team. Angel Stadium garnered only 1 vote.

Our stadium tour forced Erin and Matt to deal with our annoying presence every day, especially considering they opened their home to us for the week. For this, we owe them an enormous thank you and of course, the title of TBB Super Heroes of the Week. Sadly, all this earned them was an opportunity to listen to our stupid self-deprecating jokes for 7 days.

Baseball notes: Omar Vizquel tied Hall of Famer Luis Aparacio for the second-most career hits by a short stop when he hit a single in the 5th off of Indians’ Aaron Laffey for his 2, 764th hit on Monday night. The White Sox would go on to win 7-2, ending a 5-game losing streak. The Mets announced following an MRI exam that RHP John Maine has rotator cuff tendonitis in his right shoulder and there’s no timetable for his return. He was placed on the 15-day DL after being removed from the game against the Nationals on Thursday night where he only threw 5 pitches! The Mets have also reinstated first baseman Daniel Murphy from the 15-day DL. Unfortunately, they optioned him to Triple-A Buffalo. So we don’t get Mike Jacobs or Daniel Murphy. Just great. For heaven’s sake, PLEASE don’t get rid of Jeff Francoeur! What will we look at then? Murphy had been on the disabled list since April 5th because of a sprained knee. Umpires suspended the scoreless game between the Twins and Yankees on Tuesday night after 5 innings. It’s is the first time in Target Field’s brief history that a game was delayed and stopped while in progress. Heavy rain had started to fall during the 3rd inning and was accompanied by several lightning strikes. The crew finally called for the tarp at the conclusion of the 5th. We’ve got a feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more about “firsts” at Target Field as the season continues.

BallHype: hype it up!

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