Friday, June 11, 2010

Baseball Notes & Poll Results Strike Back

Last week, we asked if it was acceptable to act like a jerk at an away team’s stadium. Personally, we feel no, but apparently, there are a few who disagree with us. Of 7 votes, 2 of you actually replied, “Yeah, I can act like a jerk. My fellow fans won’t let me act like that on my own turf.” Interesting. 4 of you agreed with us and chose, “No. Keep your jerky attitude relegated to the privacy of your own home.” 1 person voted for “Maybe. Am I at Fenway Park rooting for the other team? Then, yes.”

In keeping with the Los Angeles stadium tour theme, The Favorite is our TBB Super Hero of the Week for taking us to Disneyland! That’s right, ladies and gentleman. The poor boy was stuck with us at an amusement park known for its furries ALL DAY! Plus, he still lives to tell his tale, which means that we didn’t drive him to suicide! Hooray!

Baseball notes: So far, Stephen Strasburg has lived up to his hype. He made his first MLB start with the Nationals on Tuesday night against the Pirates, fanning 14 batters. The illustrious Ivan “Pudge” Rodgriguez was quoted as saying, “I’ve caught a lot of guys, but this kid is unbelievable.” Not a bad compliment to receive from a man who is sure to be inducted into the Hall of Fame once his career comes to an end. Only time will tell if Strasburg is the next Wonder Boy. As the National League becomes more familiar with him and his pitching arsenal, will he be able to adjust and remain as dominant as he was on Tuesday? We shall see…

Craptastic news for Yankees fans. During last night’s game against the Orioles, AROD was removed from the lineup after a ground ball hit by Adam Jones in the 1st rolled to the left of him, causing him to freeze up with tightness in his groin area. We’ll refrain from making any perverted jokes here. Manager Joe Girardi noticed that he’d been doing extra stretches prior to the game and AROD reported that the cramping began 10-15 minutes before game time. He’s scheduled to see Dr. Christopher Ahmed today for an evaluation and a possible MRI.

While Bronx Bomber fans groan, across the Throgs Neck Bridge, Mets fans have something to be proud of. Last night, Jonathan Niese pitched the franchise’s 26th complete game, recording 8 shut out innings and allowing just one base runner. He struck out 6, coaxing a total of 14 groundouts. It did not go unnoticed that before leaving the locker room, Niese had grabbed the game’s ball and locked it up in his personal safe. Looks like he and Armando Galarraga have something in common. A keepsake to an “almost perfect game.”

BallHype: hype it up!

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