Friday, June 4, 2010

Further Adventures in Baseball Notes & Poll Results

Based on our experience with bored fans at Angel Stadium, we asked what kind of fan you are at a game. With 3 votes, “I am a passionate, but respectful fan. I wear my team's foam finger, but I'll never hit my neighbor in the head with it by brandishing it too wildly” won this week’s poll. Coming in second with 2 votes was “I am a #1 fan complete with screaming, holding up signs, wearing team-colored wigs, and running naked onto the field to touch home plate.” Thankfully, none of our readers are a-holes who sit there and do nothing.

TBB Super Hero of the Week honors goes to Erin for taking us to Sea World during our short stint in San Diego. There was a brief debate between giving the title to Erin two weeks in a row or giving it to Keith because Keith had been forced to sit in the backseat with us and rumor has it that Serena actually napped on Keith’s shoulder without asking (which is rude). Hopefully, Serena didn’t drool on him because that would just be mortifying. The reason Keith loses out to Erin is that he eats like a bird. He didn’t finish a single meal during the entire trip and there’s absolutely no way that we’re making a man who weighs more than us (at least he BETTER weigh more than us) and can’t eat as much as we do TBB Super Hero of the Week. In addition to being able to eat like a normal person, Erin went to Sea World with us (which is infinitely cooler than just sitting in the backseat with us) and she’s amazing. Plus, when push comes to shove, someone who played college softball with Serena takes precedence over someone she potentially drooled on.

Baseball notes: The Tigers traded LHP Dontrelle Willis on Tuesday to the Diamondbacks along with cash in exchange for RHP Billy Buckner. Wednesday night brought Serena a moment a grief. Ken Griffey Jr. announced his retirement after 22 years of service in the MLB. He departs the game with 630 career home runs, making him 5th on the list of all-time home run leaders. Serena hasn’t been this emotionally distraught over a player’s exit since the Yankees failed to resign Bernie Williams. Milton Bradley, who has only played with Griffey for a few months, was quoted as saying, “on a day like this, it should rain in Seattle.” It’s the classiest thing he’s ever said throughout his MLB career. Just before the game against the Twins, the team carved his number 24 into the dirt behind second base and showed a 5-minute video tribute to a standing ovation. Last night, commissioner Bud Selig declared that he would not reverse umpire Jim Joyce’s admitted blown call that cost Tigers’ pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game on Wednesday. Selig claims that baseball will “look at expanded replay and umpiring. Bud Selig is obviously a soulless man. Lastly, Orioles’ manger Dave Trembley is supposedly going to be fired prior to the Orioles’ series opener against the Red Sox this evening. Third base coach, Juan Samuel is expected to step into the role of interim manager. At blogging time, this report as not been confirmed.

From 6/3-6/9, the College Softball World Series is back on ESPN! Like last year, Serena will be taking time off from the world of professional baseball and focus on real athletes. Lisa will keep her filled in.

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