Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Extra Parts

Since we have to report on our visit to the Rockies’ Coors Field today, we’ll have to bring you our poll results and baseball notes in this separate little blog posting. Being that we recently sat through an extra inning game after KROD blew a save (as usual), we asked you if you thought you’d stick around for the full 13 innings like we did. 6 of you responded and 4 of you said, YES because you’re “mother f*cking champions.” 2 of you replied that you wouldn’t stay because you would’ve left “as soon as KROD f-ed sh*t up because I would’ve assumed that the Mets were going to lose.”

Obviously the big brouhaha this week is the All Star Break. It’s total crap and it’s a popularity contest, but since it’s a huge time of year for the MLB, we’re forced to cover it. Therefore, the voted upon All Star starting lineups are as follows:

American League:
Alex Avila (Detroit) – C
Adrian Gonzalez (Boston) – 1B
Robinson Cano (NYY) – 2B
Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 3B
Derek Jeter (NYY) - SS
Jose Bautista (Toronto) – OF
Curtis Granderson (NYY) - OF
Josh Hamilton (Texas) - OF
David Ortiz (Boston) – DH
Josh Beckett (Boston) – RHP
Aaron Crow (Kansas City) – RHP
Gio Gonzalez (Oakland) –LHP
Felix Hernandez (Seattle) – RHP
Brandon League (Seattle) – RHP
Chris Perez (Cleveland) – RHP
Mariano Rivera (NYY) – RHP
James Shields (Tampa Bay) –RHP
Jose Valverde (Detroit) – RHP
Justin Verlander (Detroit) – RHP
Jordan Walden (LAA) – RHP
Jered Weaver (LAA) – RHP
CJ Wilson (Texas) - LHP

Final Vote Winner: Paul Konerko (CHW)

National League:
Brian McCann (Atlanta) – C
Prince Fielder (Milwaukee) – 1B
Rickie Weeks (Milwaukee) – 2B
Placido Polanco (Philadelphia) – 3B
Jose Reyes (NYM) – SS
Ryan Braun (Milwaukee) – OF
Lance Berkman (St. Louis) – OF
Matt Kemp (LAD) – OF
Heath Bell (San Diego) – RHP
Matt Cain (San Francisco) – RHP
Tyler Clippard (Washington) – RHP
Cole Hamels (Philadelphia) – LHP
Roy Halladay (Philadelphia) – RHP
Joel Hanrahan (Pittsburgh) – RHP
Jair Jurrjens (Atlanta) – RHP
Clayton Kershaw (LAD) – LHP
Cliff Lee (Philadelphia) – LHP
Tim Lincecum (San Francisco) – RHP
Jonny Venters (Atlanta) – LHP
Ryan Vogelsong (San Francisco) – RHP
Brian Wilson (San Francisco) - RHP

Final Vote Winner: Shane Victorino (Philadelphia)

Now, with injuries and such, the rosters have varied a bit. No longer playing are Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Reyes, Ryan Braun, Shane Victorino (ironic, isn’t it?), Jordan Walden, and Mariano Rivera. Replacing these men are Asdrubal Cabrera (Cleveland), Adrian Beltre (Texas), Troy Tulowitzki (Colorado), Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh), and Andre Ethier (LAD).

Tomorrow is the Home Run Derby and participating in it are Jose Bautista (Toronto), Robinson Cano (NYY), Prince Fielder (Milwaukee), Adrian Gonzalez (Boston), Matt Holliday (St. Louis), Matt Kemp (LAD), David Ortiz (Boston), and Rickie Weeks (Milwaukee).

In addition to the All Star Break, the big headline this weekend is that Derek Jeter finally reached his 3,000th hit yesterday afternoon home run-style at Yankees Stadium, becoming the 28th player ever to do so. Not only did he hit 3,000, but he also finished out the game 5-5 at the plate.

Our Coors Field blog will be posted shortly. Til’ then, peace out, bitches.

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