Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's Still Funny Cause He Is Still Fat!

Last week we told you all about our Fantasy Baseball leagues. Currently as we write this it stands that Serena’s Tigers Love pepper is beating Lisa’s The Asstastic Bunch by one point. Our poll asked you if Lisa should drop David Ortiz in her line up to pick up some other position perhaps someone who plays on a daily basis and is not so large. As usual you guys are no help to us because we have a tie. Three of you voted that Yes, Lisa should drop him cause he is fat and it’s funny cause he is fat. Three of you were totally against it simply because he is Big Papi! Lisa thanks you for now the future of The Asstastic Bunch might be in danger. Remind us to never trust you with important decisions ever again.  

Baseball has officially started and We celebrated by watching opening day at the bar where everybody knows our name and we're pretty sure they are not glad we came. We watched the Cardinals take on the Marlins and booed when Jose Reyes came on the screen, drank beer and ate wings in honor of baseball being back.

We hope that everyone enjoyed there opening day. Lisa will be posting her Mets Opening Day and be sure to look out next week when Serena goes to Yankees Opening Day with Mammadukes!!!

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!!

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