Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Baseball Facts About the Traveling Baseball Babes You Probably Didn't Know

Let's just get right into it. Based on the online quiz we made you a few months back, it's clear you don't know us as well as you think you do. In fact, we're pretty confident that you're still not entirely sure which of us is Serena and which of us is Lisa when you're looking at our pictures. Hopefully, this list of random facts about us (related to baseball, of course. This is a baseball blog, for a lack of a better description), will provide you with more insight.

10 Baseball Facts About Us You Probably Didn't Know
1. Our first baseball game together was a Mets/Braves game at Shea Stadium on September 17, 2005. Adam LaRoche tossed Serena a baseball during batting practice. Here is the view of the field and Mike Jacobs playing first base from our stolen seats:
2. We have been to a total of 48 baseball games together. 29 of these games took place in New York. Our 50th game together will be in Kansas City. Behold our collection of New York ticket stubs:
3. Lisa's first baseball game ever was with Fred #2 at Shea Stadium. The free giveaway was a David Cone poster.
4. Serena's first baseball game ever was (contrary to what many of you may think) was ALSO a Mets game at Shea Stadium with Fred #1.
5. Lisa's favorite Met/Yankee is David Cone.
6. Mamadukes won an auction at a charity in which Serena was able to be bat girl for a day for the New York Yankees. During that experience, she took a photo with a then unknown rookie, Derek Jeter. Since then, Mamadukes has blown this photo up to unnecessary proportions and framed it for Serena, much to her chagrin. The photo has got to be one of the Top 5 Most Heinous Photos of Serena in Existence.
7. We have only been on the jumbotron together twice. Once at the old Yankee Stadium and once at Shea Stadium. Both during rain delays, so they barely count.
8. Serena's family used to have season tickets to Yankees' Saturday home games. The seats were located on the first base side because Mamadukes is madly in love with Don Mattingly. And his Tom Selleck moustache.
9. Lisa's friend was once escorted from Shea Stadium on Opening Day for passing out drunk in the ladies' room. Lisa left her friend in the car so that she could continue enjoying the game.
10. We once spent an entire game flirting with a player in the A's bullpen at Yankee Stadium from the left field bleachers only to discover via The Google later that day that he was just a bullpen catcher who had only seen 1 inning of MLB action.  We should point out that HE'S the one who started it!


  1. Oh contraire . . . I absolutely know which is Serena and which is Lisa . . .

    Serena is the Latina !!! :^)

    Kudos to Lisa for keeping the priorities straight and leaving her friend in the car . . . gotta be able to hold your booze to run with the big dogs . . .

  2. Lisa is a Cone Head?

    Cone pitches perfect game for the Yankees and Gooden pitches a no hitter with the Yankees too...jeez. Mr Met cried...I looked at Cone's wiki page and it says he's 50. I cried. That wasn't that long ago.

    1. It sounds like you're having a midlife crisis, Randy.

  3. Well, of course I know who is who with you girls! Off the subject, I might move out your way in a sweet career shift:
    Then I could join you in all your fun charity stuff!

    1. This sounds like your kind of job. We have no doubt you'll be the most amazing dunked dude yet! Haha.

      Ok, quick pop quiz. Which is Serena and which is Lisa? :)

  4. Ok,
    Profile pic-Serena on the left, Lisa on the right.
    Halloween-Serena was Velma, and Lisa was Daphne.
    Serena is the one with the bad-ass Durham Bulls shirt!
    -Dunk Tank Dude