Sunday, July 7, 2013

2013 All Star Crap

As threatened by a recent Facebook post, the two a-holes that write this blog registered for the All-Star Game 5K (to benefit Sandy victims, by the way) in order to hang out with MLB mascots. And also to blog about it for you people. Yes, that's it. We do all of this for the blog. Not because we're creepy or that we enjoy running. If there are no mascots at the end of this finish line slapping us high-five, we will have legit bitch fits. We will throw ourselves on the ground kicking and screaming, causing the runners behind us to trip over our flailing bodies. MLB, you've been warned. Make our desires happen. Oh, and PS? We're making special shirts for this run. Granted, we lost the directions for the letters and numbers, so this is sure to be interesting. Stay tuned for grandness.

We are trying to partake in as many activities as we can since the game is local to us this year (and also, we totally failed you when the circus came to town for Yankee Stadium's last hoorah so we're trying to make it up to you). The 5K was the easiest activity for us to join since it's on the weekend, we work during the week, and we still don't understand what the FanFest Expo is all about. The website and ticket options were confusing. In addition to the 5K next weekend, we're also going to partake in something fun that we'll share with you on our Twatter and Instagram pages (@TravelingBBabes), so be sure to follow us so that you can stay connected.

Speaking of All Star Game, MLB has finally released its rosters! Hooray. In the great words of Harry Doyle, "We think we'll wet our pants." Behold your 2013 all stars:

Joe Mauer (MIN) C
Chris Davis (BAL) 1B
Robinson Cano (NYY) 2B
JJ Hardy (BAL) SS
Miguel Cabrera (DET) 3B
Mike Trout (LAA) OF
Adam Jones (BAL) OF
Jose Bautista (TOR) OF
David Ortiz (BOS) DH
(This is such BS. There are no other players that strictly career DH'ers and yet we have a category to accommodate the fact that this man can't bend over to field a ground ball)
Clay Buccholz (BOS) P
Brett Cecil (TOR) P
Bartolo Colon (OAK) P
Jesse Crain (CHW) P
Yu Darvish (TEX) P
Felix Hernandez (SEA) P
Hisashi Iwakuma (SEA) P
Justin Masterson (CLE) P
Glen Perkins (MIN) P
Joe Nathan (TEX) P
Mariano Rivera (NYY) P
Chris Sale (CHW) P
Max Scherzer (DET) P
Justin Verlander (DET) P
Jason Castro (HOU) C
Nelson Cruz (TEX) OF
Edwin Encarnacion (TOR) 1B
Prince Fielder (DET) 1B
Alex Gordon (KC) OF
Torii Hunter (DET) OF
Jason Kipnis (CLE) 2B
Manny Machado (BAL) 3B
Jhonny Peralta (DET) SS
Dustin Pedroia (BOS) 2B
Salvador Perez (KC) C
Ben Zobrist (TB) 2B

Yadier Molina (STL) C
Joey Votto (CIN) 1B
Brandon Phillips (CIN) 2B
Troy Tulowitzki (COL) SS
David Wright (NYM) 3B
Carlos Beltran (STL) OF
Carlos Gonzalez (COL) OF
Bryce Harper (WAS) OF
Madison Bumgarner (SF) P
Aroldis Chapin (CIN) P
Patrick Corbin (ARI) P
Jose Fernandez (MIA) P
Matt Harvey (NYM) P
Jason Grilli (PIT) P
Clayton Kershaw (LAD) P
Craig Kimbrel (ATL) P
(Quick, say the last 3 pitchers' names 3 times fast. Let us know how that goes)
Jeff Locke (PIT) P
Cliff Lee (PHI) P
Adam Wainwright (STL) P
Travis Wood (CHC) P
Jordan Zimmerman (WAS) P
Pedro Alvarez (PIT) 3B
Domonic Brown (PHI) OF
Everth Cabrera (SD) SS
Matt Carpenter (STL) 2B
Allen Craig (STL) 1B
Michael Cuddyer (COL) OF
Paul Goldschmidt (ARI) 1B
Carlos Gomez (MIL) OF
Andrew McCutchen (PIT) OF
Buster Posey (SF) C
Marco Scutaro (SF) 2B
Jean Segura (SD) SS

Our 2013 stadium tour is only 12 days away and we've barely prepared for anything. We started searching for activities to do via the internet machine today. Here's what we're thinking (in addition to the stadium-related stuff):
  • Tour of the St. Louis Arch (duh, this is like a must) and a sightseeing riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River.
  • Checking out the 360 Rooftop Bar at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark for pre or post-game drinks...or both. Cos' we love the taste of alcohol on our lips.
  • Tour the free local breweries because we're the Traveling Beer Gut Babes. Who doesn't like to be drunk at 11 am? Let's face it, awesome things happen when we're drunk and wandering around unfamiliar cities. Just ask Milwaukee, Paris, and Toronto.
  • A Haunted History walking tour of St. Louis.
  • Check out a blues show at a local oyster bar.
  • Riverboat casinos. They have table games. We may never make it home.
Since you guys love our videos so much:


  1. Wow, six Tigers to the All-Star game? Shocker for Leyland to pick some of his own boys, I guess. The run sounds fun, especially when you meet the mascots. That should make for some great blogging material for 'us people' to check out. Your trip to the midwest seems to be coming along nicely, too. I can only imagine the crazy sh!t you'll both be doing out there...

  2. Lisa/Serena -- I handle the PR for the Runyon 5K run at Yankee Stadium scheduled for August 18. We'd love to invite you to run the 5K in the stadium and blog about the experience -- if you have not had a chance to participate its a really great day. if you are interested email me at

  3. maybe you can hang with Nelly! I hear you can find him, in St. Louis rollin' on dubs.

    finding a video in the blog is like finding $20 in your pocket the next day! woo hoo.

    1. you should do a video from each park as you go too, maybe with a quick summary of the park.

    2. Boy, you guys sure like the video clips, huh? We're trying to do more. We'll see what we can do for you at the stadiums. :)

  4. Hey, when you hit KC, they love to tailgate at that park, and they do it pretty good. Great chance to put some alcohol on your lips, and maybe some brats and ribs too. 2 great parks. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks for the tip! We may not get the chance to experience the KC-style of tailgating though since we bought tickets to the Early Bird Tour. :/

  5. speaking of video clips...that was a funny one on Jimmy Fallon's show with Matt Harvey. lol

    don't think that 1 guy is related to Lisa..said his favorite player to watch is Lucas Duda. #faillover