Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Pierogie Parade

Finally. The moment you've all been waiting for this season. Blog posts about baseball (despite the fact that we're rapidly approaching the season's halfway mark). Next week, we're finally embarking on our first leg of the 2014 stadium tour! We leave for Pittsburgh Thursday night and drive home Sunday. Considering we had almost nothing booked up until a month and a half ago, we actually have a rather eventful weekend planned for ourselves. Behold:

Thursday - early Friday morning:
1. Rock out to an epic playlist created by DJ Serena.
2. Post random pictures and video clips to Instagram.
3. Talk about how hilarious we are.
4. Check into hotel.
5. Pass out, probably still in our clothes from the roadtrip.

1. Awake. Lisa will wake up first. Serena will be grouchy.
2. Mackenzie Miller yoga sequence via the recently downloaded Cody fitness app.
3. High five each other for being athletes.
4. PNC Park Guided Stadium Tour.
5. Station Square - lunch.
6. Return to hotel to get sexified.
7. Ray LaMontagne concert.
8. Instagram posts throughout the day...obviously. Continue our goal of inventing new, idiotic hashtags each day.

1. Carnegie Museum of Natural History - play on dinosaur exhibits. Get yelled at.
2. Post photos of dinosaurs to Instagram. Maybe photos of random yoga poses with dinosaurs.
3. Lunch at The Church Brew Works - a brewery inside a converted Catholic church. If this doesn't reek of something we'd be into, we don't know what does.
4. Take inappropriate photos involving us, beer, and church things.
5. Brewers/Pirates at PNC Park.
6. Party on Wayne, party on Garth in Station Square - we hear there's a fountain show. Cue Celine Dion.

1. Duquesne Incline.
2. Take a selfie.
3. Drive home.
4. More epic playlist dancing and singing.
5. Car selfies. #TBBWorldDomination.

Since we'll be traveling next week, we won't be able to blog, but we will be back the following week with a post about our guided tour.

Here are some exciting things coming up for us:
*July 11th's Star Wars Night at Citi Field
*August 2nd's Star Wars Night at the Brooklyn Cyclones
*Damon Runyon 5K at Yankees Stadium (August 3rd)
*Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day (August 14th)
*Yankees/White Sox game with Tunnels to the Tower Foundation (August 23rd)
*Tampa Bay Stadium Tour & the magical world of Walt Disney (September 19 - 27th)
*Tunnels to the Tower 5K (September 28th)

We've decided that we're no longer going to post on bank holidays because we have better things to do like get drunk. Unless we decide to write you a special edition blog post while under the influence. Pray for that day. You know you want to.


  1. I didn't see stuffing your face with a Primanti Brothers sandwich on your list.

    if you don't get arrested for molesting dinosaurs, I see the Museum of Art has a baseball exhibit going on during the season:

  2. Thanks for the tip. We will see if we can squeeze it into our schedule in between t-rex climbing. :)

  3. Wow, I really look forward to your social media posts and blogs about being a-holes in the steel city! Bummer, we'll be in that area only a week later.
    Please send me a reminder when you girls go to Disney World. I'm probably going to want to watch the news that night....
    Safe travels!