Sunday, May 18, 2014

TBB's Worst Ballpark Moments

As promised last week, to compliment the post discussing our greatest ballpark moments, we are bringing you our worst moments. Truthfully, this post will probably be infinitely more entertaining. Great moments are boring. Terrible moments are hilarious.

This list should be a lot longer, but really the worst moments of all of our stadium tours involve our travels to the ballpark and our hotels, which really don't count as a ballpark moment. So, here we are. Enjoy re-reading all of our past adventures since we were clearly too lazy to summarize them for you. 


  1. mayo on steak sandwich? yuck...maybe it was supposed to be white BBQ sauce. Supposed to be popular in parts of Alabama...Stumper looked pretty happy to be taking photo with you 2.

  2. These stories are tragically hilarious, like when a clown dies. I love the look on your faces after tasting the Dodger Dog, it reminds me of my kids when I listen to the Beastie Boys.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend.