Sunday, January 18, 2015

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Truthfully, we are somewhat surprised that you even participated in our TBB Q&A session. Not many of you participated, but there was legitimate participation here. Congrats. We're so proud.
Below are your questions copied and pasted from their various locations on the world wide web. They appear within quotation marks. Our answers are in italics.
"What is the meaning of life?"
You are born. You go to school. Some of you will graduate. You will have high hopes and aspirations to be something great. You get an underpaying job working for "the man" and if you're lucky, it comes with health benefits and a retirement plan. Maybe you have a family who will bleed you dry of what little money you make. Then you die, your dreams unfulfilled.
"How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
Since it's a woodchuck, it can chuck a lot. Like all of Abe Lincoln's log cabin.
"Have you ever bought a five dollar hot cocoa at a ballpark?"
No. But James once bought us hot cocoa at Yankees Opening Day and for that we are thankful. Also, it was more than $5 because it came in a travel cup.
"Aside from the Mets and Yankees name your next favorite team?" (There were two requests for this question)
Lisa likes the Nationals and Pirates (because she likes Pirates) while Serena follows the Twins and Rays.
"Altoids or Extra gum?"
"How did you two end up meeting?"
This sounds like the start of a romantic comedy. We met at a job where we would spend our days designing PowerPoint Presentations making fun of people and accidentally downloading viruses to other people's computers by visiting porn sites instead of shoe sites.
"What is your favorite Taco Bell food item?"
That's like asking your mother who her favorite child is. Do we really have to pick?
"What would be your walk up to the plate song be?"
Who could commit to just one thing for the rest of their career? We change our minds like we change underwear. Lisa might pick Tina Turner's Simply the Best one day and Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer (because she'll need a prayer if she ever expects to hit a ball). Serena, on the other hand, could go anywhere from NIN's Closer to Eric Clapton's Layla (because she likes old men like him and Kevin Costner).
"Is it ok to wear your home teams jersey to a different sporting event. Meaning, would you wear a New York Giants NFL jersey to a Mets/Yankee game? Is it ok to wear a Boston Celtics jersey to a Patriots game? This past season, I was at a Dodger game the day after the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup; a couple of fans came in their Kings jerseys, were showed on the big screen and were booed. Dodger fans yelled “this is a baseball game.” Granted I know Dodger fans boo everything, but did they have a point to boo the Kings fans or where they wrong. Your thoughts?"
We wore our Giants jerseys to a Yankees game when the Giants were in the playoffs. It's totally fine. Those Dodger fans sound like narrowminded dicks.


  1. Sorry I missed the Q&A. I'll make sure I'm paying attention next time you girls do one. Enquiring minds want to know...

    1. We'll make an exception for the deadline for you. If you have a question feel free to ask 😉

  2. Awesome, thanks! I guess I have to ask what position Serena played in college, and what was her career BA?

  3. 3B and I'm not really sure, but I'm guessing around .230.

  4. What sports superstitions do the TBBs have? watching and /or playing sports...

    1. Randy, you missed the deadline. The exception was only made for Michael David. Plus, you already submitted questions. Stop trying to be a Hermione Granger.