Sunday, September 6, 2015

Our Roadtrip to Cooperstown

Well, folks. We finally did it. We kept one of our promises. We made it up to Cooperstown to visit the Hall of Fame. Serena hadn't been there since she was a munchkin and this was Lisa's first visit. We'll post a good chunk of photos in the blog below, BUT we did post a few to Instagram and Twatter that we're not going to repost here. Therefore, if you're concerned that you've missed something, be sure to check out one or both of those social media outlets (@TravelingBBabes).

We arrived in Cooperstown Friday night. Serena made us a killer playlist and if you follow us on Instagram, you would've had an opportunity to enjoy one of our many exceptional sing along videos.

As per Google maps, it should only take us four and a half miles. We determined that Google lies to us. It took us over five hours. Partly because the Cross Bronx Expressway is Hades. If you've read or seen Percy Jackson, you may think Hades is beneath LA, but that's false. It's actually the Cross Bronx. However, a major factor in us arriving so late is the fact that you must travel miles and miles of creepy country road in the dark surrounded by ghost fog.

Some of you may not be in touch with the supernatural and/or the show, Supernatural, but ghost fog is a very real danger. It's like fog, only worse. It has all of the dangerous components of normal fog, but includes ghosts that may try to infiltrate your automobile or person. And then kill you.

Obviously, we survived.

We headed out to the village of Cooperstown the next morning. We parked at Doubleday Field and got to watch a bunch of old fat men attempting to play baseball. It was an embarrassing display of athletic prowess. Men in your 20's? We've seen your future. And it's ugly.
 We found this statue in the parking lot. It's called "Sandlot."
The price for admission to the Hall of Fame is $23.
They recommended that we start our tour on the second floor. From there, we headed up to the third floor and then back down to the first. We walked through a hallway of "lockers" for each team in the league before reaching the exhibits.
The rest of the 2nd floor exhibits included:

We found the fact that the Chicago Cubs recording 116 victories fascinating considering the Cubs are...well...the Cubs. How things have changed.
 Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig's lockers:
 Women in Baseball:
 Tom Seaver:
 Not Tom Seaver:

On the third floor, we found an exhibit on super fans and crazy characters at ballparks. Like...legit fans and individuals that were once alive and attended ball games. They have an exhibit. They were so f*cking weird and memorable that they have their own exhibit. We need to be in this exhibit. It's our new goal in life.

The super fan display was just outside the "Sacred Ground" exhibit, which basically catalogs what we, as baseball fans, love about going to baseball games.
The Hank Aaron exhibit led us into the "One for the Books" exhibit, chronicling all of the records that have been set and broken in baseball throughout history.

The actual Hall of Fame Gallery is on the first floor. Here is where we found the exhibits for the new inductees, including John Smoltz:
We snapped a few pics of some of our favorites:

This gallery housed the original class of inductees as well as the most recent:


Also on the first floor is an area for children:
There would've been more photos of us fooling around in the kids' section, but we were hindered by an extremely obnoxious family. The parents were actually more rude than the children. Blame them for our failure.


  1. Looks like you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing all the photos.

    1. It was great except for thr ghost fog driving up that was creeptastic.

  2. did you see any hot dog wrappers in Babe Ruth's locker?

    maybe you guys were suggested to move on from that 1 room after Lisa tried to lick that weiner?