Monday, July 10, 2017

Mets vs. Phillies 7-1-17

We scored these tickets from one of Serena's awesome clients. She's the nicest. And the coolest. And she never throws her favors back in our faces because she is a class act. We decided to get to the game somewhat early because it was Asdrubal Cabrera bobblehead day and Lisa really wanted her first Mets' free giveaway of the season (that she earned herself as opposed to being given to her by one of Serena's co-workers). We arrived, opened a bottle of wine, and sat back for a few minutes, thinking we had plenty of time.

Then it happened. The sky opened up.
Assuming there would be a rain delay, we decided to finish the bottle of wine (for the record, the car was not running) instead of dashing to the gate for our bobbleheads. Once the weather cleared up, we headed toward the stadium, confident that the rain chased away all of the bandwagon fans.

Thanks to our fancy tickets, we were permitted to enter the ballpark through the Gil Hodges' gate, which is reserved for cool people and the media. We are not only cool, but we're pretty much the media as well. Lisa made sure to take photos of this momentous occasion because we behave like tourists in our own hometown.

It was when we reached the main concourse level that we realized that we had missed out on getting the bobbleheads. Fail.

Our disappointment did not prevent us from eating. We hit up the Blue Smoke stand in center field near the Shake Shack and ordered a shit ton of food. Each of us ordered brat sandwiches on a pretzel bun topped with cheese and carmelized onions. In addition to the brats, we also ordered a platter of mac and cheese topped with brisket. Soooooooo f*cking good.
While shoveling food into our faces, a large crowd approached. We didn't react at first because we were too busy inhaling our meals like pigs. Then the crowd parted and the greatest thing the Mets have ever given us began to emerge. Two giant white balls. We quickly polished off our food (god forbid we leave one crumb uneaten) and joined the line forming to get a photo taken. Second best moment of our TBB career. Guess what our first one was. We will give you a hint. It was NOT the failed photo of us with the Phillie Phanatic.
After our delightful photo shoot, Lisa wanted to check our the giant mitt that she always saw in right field near the Coca-cola sign (in what used to be the Pepsi Party Porch). Turns out that there's quite a little set up in the Coca-Cola Corner. We're a little disappointed that we didn't check it out sooner.
No children were harmed in the taking of these photographs.

By this point, the game was underway, so we chose to head to our seats. Which had a KILLER view of the field.

You'd think that the downpour of rain earlier would cool things down, but no. It made things worse. It was horrible. There was breast sweat. Ass sweat. Back of the knee sweat. Head sweat. Hat hair. It was very close to being worse than our trip to Atlanta.
Terry Collins calling on Jacob DeGrom to pinch run for Wilmer Flores in the 7th inning was probably the highlight of the on field action.
What. The. F.

It gets better. Because immediately following this decision, Asdrubal Cabrera hit a home run, forcing DeGrom to actually round all of the bases. All of them. As a pitcher, how often do you think he's required to do that?

It started to rain heavily again in the 8th inning. The Mets had finally taken a 7-6 lead. They pulled the tarps to cover the field and we decided it was best to just check out. We chose to believe that the Mets would take the victory and we chose not to get soaking wet.


  1. Nice seats! Did Mr. Met try anything?

    surprised that table didn't tip over when you put that mac 'n cheese on there.

    Gil Hodges was my Dad's favorite Brooklyn Dodger.

  2. Mr Met is a taken man now ! Lol
    The mac n cheese was delish . Highly recommended by two mac and cheese connoisseurs !