Sunday, June 11, 2017

Yankees vs. Athletics 5-26-17

We were so bad ass that we hit two baseball games in one week. We are bad ass, but we are also now poor. Feeding us at the baseball game is an expensive venture. Just like with the Mets, we were determined not to miss any of the game...or the good food. We just didn't know what we wanted. Therefore, we walked the entire main level of the stadium in search of something justttttttttttt right. Our first stop ended up being the Frank's Red Hot Terrance overlooking centerfield. We ended up with a container of Frank's Red Hot mac and cheese for $10. It included chunks of chicken. It was f*cking delicious. So delicious.


After our mac and cheese, Lisa picked up her classy pig and a grapefruit beer. The classy pig was $16 and boasted shaved roasted pork with broccoli rabe, cherry pepper mayo, and provolone cheese. Serena ended up with a chicken parm hero topped with fresh mozarella. While Lisa was ecstatic to finally have the classy pig, it fell a little short of her expectations. Too greasy.

Our tickets were from one of the many Mastercard Monday deals that the Yankees throw down. Two tickets for $26 including fees.
Pretty decent view for $13/each, right?

Our free giveaway for the game was freezer mug, which is one of our better free giveaways and our first legit giveaway of the season. And that was about where the awesomeness of that game ended.

The game was tied 0-0 for 90% of the game until Tyler F*cking Clippard blew the game. But that's not the worst part. The worst part was our section neighbors. Let's start with the French people sitting behind us. We don't even mind the fact that their cheering was over eager and deafening. You should cheer. You should be enthusiastic. We should not have your conversation at levels that drown out an entire stadium. We should not hear you speaking above the PA system. In fact, we didn't know that that was even possible. It is. It is possible. Because we experienced that. In our ears. In French. Mixed in with a few, "Let's go Yankees!" If you study the photo above closely, you will see our French friends.

Then there was the A's fans. As experts at traveling to other people's stadiums, we firmly believe that there's a way to support your team at an away stadium without being a complete and total asshole. We've said it before and it seems that we will never stop saying it. It's perfectly fine to behave like an asshole in your own home. Do not come up into other people's houses acting like a jack ass. It's rude. If this was Ancient Greece, you'd be violating the hospitality code, which means a god or goddess would be forced to strike you down. Unfortunately, this is not Ancient Greece and throwing a beer at you is not only costly and a waste, but grounds for arrest for assault. Furthermore, the A's are 16.5 games out of first place. Where the hell do you get off being arrogant f*ck heads? To make a long story short, these men were in their mid-thirties behaving like drunk frat boys. THEN the drunk frat boys and the French kids started to attempt to "out-cheer" one another. How do mothers do it? How do they tolerate this kind of shit day in and day out? It's maddening.

At least we got a cool freezer mug and delectable mac and cheese out of the evening. That is all.


  1. That mac 'n cheese looks awesome.

    1. It was amaze-balls and we are going to get it again when we go to the game on the 7/4 :)

  2. Pretty decent view for $13/each, right?

    you guys are worth more than $13 each!