Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mets Star Wars Night 2018

We've probably mentioned this at least 100 times since the Thor bobble head incident of 2017, but we'll continue to bring this up until the powers to be take note and fix the issue. Or until the Mets send us those Thor bobble heads to make amends. The limited release of bobble heads is total bull. The Mets sent out an email that said the parking lots would open at 4pm and we made it our business to literally pull our car into one of the driveways as the parking lot attendant opened the fence at 3:59pm. It was the best parking spot we've ever gotten at a ball game in the history of the Traveling Baseball Babes. Shockingly enough, there was already a line to stand on, but for those of you who aren't familiar, there is a subway that drops you right at Citi Field's door, so it isn't impossible. Just annoying.
Having said that, let's cover why this would be shocking:
*First pitch was scheduled at 7:10pm. Star Wars character meet and greets were scheduled at 6pm. Gates opened at 5:30 pm. That's an hour and a half of standing on line doing nothing.
*It was pouring. That's an hour an a half of standing on line doing nothing in the rain.

We are amazing people, so we passed the time easily enough, but we're sure other, boring people had a difficult time. Before long, the line grew around us.
There are a few things that we've been noticing for premium bobble head giveaway games. we touched upon several in the post covering the Thor bobble head incident of 2017, but we'll touch upon them briefly again here.
1. Many people buy a cheap ticket to get their bobble head and they just leave. This is horse poop. If you can't even stay until the 6th inning, you're an asshole and someone should strip you of your bobble head. You don't deserve it. And we're being generous by giving you only until the 6th inning.
2. Do you have any idea how many buffoons turn around and sell these premium bobble heads on eBay for $50 and higher? Yes, you read that correctly. And higher. It's ridiculous. It's a poorly made toy that you received simply for attending the baseball game that night and you're going to charge a minimum of $50? Not today, Satan.
3. Another trick that we saw is that people buy anywhere from 5-10 tickets for the cheapest seats in the house in order to collect 5-10 bobble heads for individuals who aren't even at the game. This probably pissed us off the most. We feel that each ticket should have a physical body attached to it in order to qualify for the bobble head because guess what? These are the same people that turn around and sell all of them on eBay. It's gross.

Finally, the time to go through security. Lines starting breaking off into smaller lines to be searched by security guards. We thought we were super clever and jumped onto the smallest line with only four people on it. Little did we know that this was a strategic error. The woman manning the longest line searched 10 people for every one person that man in charge of our line searched. There is such a thing as taking safety too seriously. He was so slow and methodical that we briefly contemplated what life would be like if, when we finally got through this barrier, they ran out of bobble heads.

Thankfully, that was just us being extremely paranoid. We got in, we got our bobble heads, and all was not lost.
We had a little time to kill before the characters came out for the meet and greet, so we grabbed food first. We chose a meal we've had in the past, but really enjoyed: lobster tacos. 
We ate downstairs in the bullpen plaza where there are picnic benches. We figured it was a good spot because it was free of the crowds and it was where the meet and greet would take place. We finished our tacos just in time to see Mr. Met dressed as Han Solo walk by us and head to his photo zone. It was vital that we got our picture taken with him, so we sprinted up the stairs to the photo zone like a pair of crazed groupies. 
Nailed it. 

It was 6:00 on the dot by the time we got our photo taken, so we raced back to the bullpen plaza so quickly that we beat the Star Wars characters there. We may not be good at most things, but we are great at getting photos with characters.
Lisa used a Dunkin Donuts coupon to buy tickets to tonight's game. It was buy one, get one free so she scored sick field level tickets that gave us access to the Foxwoods and Jim Beam Clubs. It had started to rain pretty heavily by this point, so we agreed that we'd hang out in the Foxwoods Club until the weather cleared.
It ended up being a 45 minute delay, which isn't terrible in the grand scheme of bad weather delays, but considering that we had already arrived three hours early to a game, it really sucked the wind out of our sails, so when the majority of the fans left the club for the stands, we stayed behind and grabbed a table. 
(view from our "seats")
And got hungry again. 
As for the game itself, the Mets weren't exactly at their finest, BUT they did managed to pull it out in the end. It was quite the comeback. Sure to be a Mets' Classic. Which we watched from the warm and cozy comforts of the Foxwoods Club. Like princesses. 


  1. i totally agree with you guys about people who buy so many tickets just to get a bobblehead and leave that’s just so unfair and not cool

  2. Did you guys Dr. Evil laugh at all the people behind you in that line?

    my Mets giveaway complaint- why won't they sell the Friday free t-shirts later on in the season?? Some of those look pretty good! I like the pizza box guy one.

    1. Don't you dare pay money for a free giveaway unless it's for charity!