Friday, February 20, 2009

One More Step to Chicago!

We are pleased to report that we scored tickets to the Cubs this morning. After being deposited into the Virtual Waiting Room for close to an hour, Serena finally broke through and was able to purchase 4 tickets to the June 12th game against the Minnesota Twins. According to the team schedule, we are apparently receiving a free giveaway as well. Free gifts are always fun. The success of our purchase is especially meaningful to Serena. In August, we are planning to visit Serena's friend, Maria, in Boston and hit Fenway Park during the same weekend. Tickets for the Red Sox went on sale several weeks ago. Like the Cubs, the Red Sox ticketing system operated through a Virtual Waiting Room. Serena and Maria remained logged into the waiting room for the better part of the Saturday afternoon only to be disappointed. When dropped into the Cubs' waiting room, Serena felt dejected. Good heavens, would another Red Sox scenario happen to us? Would she have to spend all day in a virtual waiting room while at work with absolutely no reward? What would the security team say if they ran a report on her internet use for the day? Thankfully, she wouldn't have to wonder for too long. Victory was hers.

Inspired by her stroke of luck with the Cubs, Serena re-visited the Red Sox team page, hoping that they may have released more tickets to the desired game. She quickly discovered that her luck was limited to the Cubs. Upon checking the August schedule, she noticed that tickets were no longer available for the game in question. How annoying. We're now hoping for a consultant who Lisa knows to hook us up with his season tickets. If not, we'll be stuck paying inflated prices on Stub Hub for bleacher seats. Dang.

Our trip to Chicago is almost completely planned. Our last step is to book our flights, which we plan on doing during the month of March. In celebration of our upcoming trip, we'll leave you with the words of a famous Chicago band known as: Chicago.

"If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me. oooooooooooooo, no, baby, please don't go" (not that this has any relevance to the White Sox or the Cubs...but it's a great song, no? You're singing along right now as we speak, aren't you?)

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