Friday, March 20, 2009

2009 Baseball Itinerary & More!

Greetings fellow baseball fans! We have glorious news to announce! Our 2009 Stadium Tour is almost completely booked. This year we will be visiting FIVE stadiums! Granted, two of them are our home teams and we will not have to travel very far, but still! This is a grand accomplishment. We've purchased tickets to the Yankees (do we think that they might have a mascot this time around?), White Sox, Cubs, and the Red Sox. Next month, we will be ordering our tickets to visit the Mets in their new digs (Mr. Met better have a hang out). Naturally, this purchase will most likely be made through Stub Hub (like the Yankees & Red Sox) because getting tickets to these three teams is like trying to find water in the Sahara Desert (or in our case, Yankees Stadium when we're broke). We've already received our White Sox and Red Sox (e-tickets, unfortunately, so they're not as pretty, but we'll take what we can get) tickets in the mail. We'll discuss the Red Sox tickets in more detail a bit later. As it stands, our baseball itinerary is as follows:

April 20th-Yankees vs. Oakland Athletics (Brad Ziegler & hopefully, another photo!)

June 11th- White Sox vs. Detroit Tigers (nothing witty to insert here except that we'll be hooking up with hot mama Erin and her man, Matt)

June 12th-Cubs vs. Twins (Justin Morneau & a license plate frame free giveaway. Can't get better than that)

August 14th-Mets vs. San Francisco Giants (Barry Zito's cell phone # & another snub by David Wright. Still a tentative date, but this is at least the game we're planning to buy tickets for)

August 28th: Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays (a night game after a 5 hour drive from Long Island to Beantown and meeting Serena's fabulous friend, MARIA!)

August 30th: after an exhausting weekend in Beantown, we part ways with fabulous Maria and make the drive home. Pray the GPS works well for us

Now...onto the Red Sox tickets we promised to discuss. Not to step on any toes or anything like that, but where do these fans selling tickets on Stub Hub get off doubling the face value price of tickets for a game like the Blue Jays? Not to insult the Blue Jays or their fans. But let's face it, in the grand scheme of things like the AL East, who are the Blue Jays? They'd be much better off playing out West. We completely understand when people inflate ticket prices for high commodity games/series (Opening Day? Playoffs? Big rivalries such as Red Sox/Yankees, Mets/Phillies, White Sox/Cubs?), but why are you inflating ticket prices to ALL games? Granted, there are those jerk Mets and Yankees fans that are charging obscene prices for bad seats and insignificant games. They should be ashamed of themselves as well. However, there are also a lot of those fans on Stub Hub selling their tickets at face value or with a slight mark up. For the Red Sox, however, it seems that there is not a single fan selling their tickets at face value. All of the seats (and games) that we looked up on Stub Hub were extraordinarily inflated. For example, the Red Sox charge approximately $15 for bleacher seats if you purchase through their site. This is a fair price. It is comparable to the price that the Yankees charge for the same section. Their FANS, however, seem to think that it is appropriate to take these same bleacher seats and charge people $60 for them!!!!! What the hell is that about? Explain where this mark up is coming from. Did you have to sell your body on the street to get these tickets? In that case, we completely understand and support your prices. We ended up buying nose bleed seats in the corner of the stadium (we would not be surprised to find out that these seats are actually danging off the side of the stadium in a painter's scaffold and that our usher is the Archangel Gabriel himself) for $76 each (with taxes). Serena received these tickets yesterday. The face value ticket price is $30. Yeah. Serena was not pleased. We can't quite figure out if our animosity toward the Red Sox is actually geared toward the team (we suspect not) or the fans (more probable). We are sure that this does not apply to the entire "Red Sox Nation." But to the people we are referencing: you know who you are. And we have one thing to say to you: "bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when we come for you?"

Anyway, on to more uplifting items...the USA baseball team (picture inserted is from We must emphasize the fact that we are not thieves) has finally advanced to the finals that will take place in Dodger Stadium! Yay for team USA! We hate to admit this, but we can thank our arch nemesis, David Wright (or Lisa's if only he'd talk to her), for USA's good fortunes. In the elimination game against Puerto Rico, USA scored 3 times in the bottom of the 9th in order to come from behind and win 6-5. David Wright hit a walk-off single to drive in the final two runs. Team USA will be facing Japan Saturday night in the Semifinals. Unfortunately, USA has suffered quite a few injuries during the WBC. Those that will not be available to play during the rest of the tournament are as follows: Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, Chipper Jones (who, as it has recently been announced on ESPN, will be replaced by Evan Longoria), and Matt Lindstrom. Other players suffering from injuries, but will continue to be available to play are Ryan Braun and David Wright (David injured? Why doesn't that shock us?). Let's hear it for the golden boys (David & Derek, the poster children for baseball)!
Baseball Opening Day is just around the corner! Phillies/Braves April 5th at 8 PM! We will be watching from the comforts of a bar stool at our favorite sports bar. We will, naturally, be advertising our way cool blog. We are shameless.
We now leave you with these parting words written and performed by Willie Nelson: "On the road again..."

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  1. Nice to see two pretty women enjoying baseball. As a Mets fan, however, Lisa has to be the best ;-)