Friday, March 13, 2009

The World Baseball Classic & So Much More!

Disclaimer: Majority of the pictures from today's blog have been taken from We are not thiefs. We give credit where credit is due. The picture that we took today should be pretty obvious.

It is time for the traveling baseball babes to comment on the baseball classic. Who else is completely flabbergasted that the Netherlands defeated the Dominican Republic not once, but TWICE, the second time during extra innings? What about the fact that Canada (with our beloved Justin Morneau) was eliminated by Italy, losing 6-2?! Who the hell plays for Italy? Furthermore does Mike Piazza speak fluent Italian? What qualifies him to be coach of a foreign country? Just because his name looks like the word, "pizza,"does not mean he is Italian. Being 20 generations removed from your family immigrating does not make you an adequate representation of your motherland. No offense, Laurie. We know how much you're smitten with the man. Seriously though. He is about as Italian as the Seven Seas Italian salad dressing.

Canada should be ashamed of themselves losing to Italy and Mike Piazza. Immediately following their victory over the Canadians, the Italians got spanked by Venezuela 10-1. Things only get this strange during the Olympics. Anyway, back to the Netherlands who beat all of the MLB playing for the DR team. Perhaps there are a few members from the Netherlands who would like to be recruited to play for the New York bullpens. We could use cheap, but effective players. Unfortunately, the Netherlands lost to Puerto Rico (and the beloved Bernie Williams) in the final game to decide the winner of Pool D 5-0, but they still advanced to the second round (which is more than we could say for the US team from the first baseball classic). They'll be playing Venezuela in the first game of the second round.
As for the US team, Brad Ziegler is representing our country in all of his awesome glory. Let's hear it for the man who isn't frightened by the fact that we took pictures with him twice in one week at two completely different stadiums. Take that, David Wright (who seems to be wearing black eyeliner to the games these days???? What's up with that, dude?)! Side note: Mark DeRosa is extra hot these days. Don't be jealous, David.

Moving on to our poll. It closes in just a few hours, but warrants a comment at this time. Jonathan Papelbon should in no way take offense to the fact that no one voted for him. Only 7 people have voted thus far and that is hardly an accurate representation of the nation's feelings. That being said, let's actually compare the two. Look at Jonathan Papelbon in one picture and look at the Phanatic. Who looks more fabulous? Clearly the Phanatic. Perhaps it was a bit unfair of us to pit Pabelbon against the Phanatic. Maybe Manny Ramirez would have been a more appropriate rival?

Now...for the most important item of the day: Serena's birthday. Happy Birthday to her! Lisa has made excellent cupcakes that fit our blog's theme perfectly (as you can see by our photo). We will be going to a bar some place on Long Island (the exact location cannot be divulged as we are paranoid and fear stalkers). The bar will have the fortune of receiving our advertisements for this blog, which we are confident they care about and need. Bar by bar, we will infiltrate the public...much like former Governor Spitzer's "girlfriend."

To celebrate the evening's festivities, we part you with these words by Jimmy Buffet, "wasting away again in Margaritaville. Searching for my lost shaker of salt. Some people claim that it's David Wright to blame. And we totally agree."

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