Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog Post Etiquette

Okay, lucky you. You've gotten 2 brand new blogs from us in one week! It must be a special time. Indeed, it is. To the nice young man (and we can only assume it was a man based on the colorful language used) who left us a post on the "Steroid" blog, while we appreciate your enthusiasm and support for our site, it is inappropriate to use the language that you used to describe the "relationship" between Alex Rodgriguez and Derek Jeter. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Your opinion is completely welcome and encouraged. However, you cannot expect us to "accept" and "publish" your comments with language like that. We hope you are satisfied with the fact that your dirty mouth has offended two nice, well bred ladies, like us, who drink beer and eat Italian sausage sandwiches.

Here's to you, Mr. Potty Mouth, since you're such a Madonna fan: "Borderline. Feels like we're going to lose our minds. You just keep on pushing our love for baseball over the borderline."


  1. As a writer and consummate lover of the English language, I find myself appalled at the use of vulgarities to describe ones emotional impressions of a modern relationship. That being said, I feel as though the censorship of your readership might intimidate those of us with less than a perfect grasp of the English language. I myself am a Chihuahua with a distinguished background in theater and the arts. My ability to post with you lovely ladies is at your discretion; but I digress. The afore mentioned poster might converse reasonably well in the modern United States muttering sentence fragments and corporate marketing jingles in order to convey their point. Someone of this distinction might have used this proverbial tactic in order to regurgitate a parroted message that they might have read in another premiere web blog such as the literary styling’s of Meaty B (whom I hear is wonderful). The presumption that this poster is of a similar caliber as the writers of this blog might have caused preliminary action. On the other hand, as the age of information is upon us I believe that at the writer’s disposal is a vast array of tools whose utilization would have benefitted their own postings. As the demographic of your readership is vast in age, gender, sex, and breed, I applaud your use of censorship and your words of encouragement for further postings. Bravo ladies. Now I am off to frolic in the park with a beautiful grey squirrel. Ta Ta.

  2. A man with a foul mouth, spouting vulgarities at two lovely women like yourselves? Must be a Red Sox fan.