Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stomach Flu or The Mets ????

Good Afternoon faithful TBB followers. It's Lisa here with yet again some angry rant due to her beloved Mets. I have been in all weekend due to a stomach flu or the other culprit watching the Mets play the Phillies this weekend . I was looking forward to watching the Mets play the Phillies for more then one reason. The obvious was to finally see what this ball club is capable of doing which is to give the Phillies a nice beating(the numbers against them are well) . My second reason was to see if I would be attending the Met's game on Friday May 8Th decked out in my pirate attire with hook and peg leg . In a previous blog I had decided that if the Mets did not take two out of three from the Phillies then I would transform into the biggest Pirate fan you have ever seen. Now that the game for today has been rained out the fate of my loyalty to a new team has been put on hold. I hope that the Mets prove me wrong and I can continue to be the number one disgruntle fan.

Since there is no game to watch the only thing left for me to do is to complain about yesterdays game. If I have enough facts we will probably all come to the same conclusion . That I did not in fact have the stomach flu but that my bleeding ulcer has finally erupted after watching yesterdays game .(Can I sue the Mets for this ?) We once again gave Oliver Perez a chance to prove himself . Is it me or is anybody else sick of giving him chances. When will we learn. Maybe yesterdays outing did the trick. Olilie lasted 2 1/3 innings ! Wow ! How much did the Mets give you to perform like this ?!? They would of saved a lot more money if they would of hired me (mind you I have no baseball, softball, not even t-ball experience ). I am pretty confident that my dog Rex would of been a better investment or Laurie's 8 yr old son Ethan I am told has a mean fast ball . We should send Minaya down to the little league game to sign him . Back to the game. The score was 4-2 and unlike the usual Met games I watch we were doing what we normally don't do and that is make a slight comeback . My new man Daniel Murphy hit a 2 run homer to tie the game . Then right after that Ramon Castro came up and hit home run as well . We had the lead 5-4(but not for long ). My stomach was in turns again don't know if it was the bug I have been fighting all weekend or the feeling I usually get in my stomach when watching a Met's game . Did the fine makers of Pepto-Bismol ever think to be the official sponsors of the NY Mets ?!?. I know it's the official drink for most of their fans . My happiness was short lived because in the 5Th the new Phillie Favorite Raul Ibanez hit a home run off of Pedro Feliciano and the game was tied at 5-5 . This would go into extra innings causing me to finish my bottle of pepto. My real problem is not with Sean Greene who walked in the winning run. My real issue is with what had happened in the top of the 10Th . Jose Reyes could not manage to lay down a sac bunt to move the runner in scoring position and then with runner on third with 1 out Carlos Beltran could not manage to make a sac fly to bring the run in .(God forbid you exert yourself Beltran). All these missed opportunities . It's getting really played out guys. I know I sound like a anti-Met fan but really how much do you expect the fans to take . I miss the team that use to care about the game. I miss the team that used to show some kind of emotion on the field , and finally I miss the team that use to win games in grand fashion. I hope someday I can finally write a positive blog about the team I really do adore (I know it sounds strange) . The Mets still have a lot to prove to their fans . I am blaming my stomach issues on the Mets . When they can start playing like the team I once believed and not like giant pansies. I will throw out my bottle of pepto. Until that day comes I will watch every game with a bottle grasped in my hands . Maybe I can be the spokesperson for pepto. Stranger things are happening in the world for instance Alyssa Milano wrote a book about baseball .

Thanks for letting me vent everyone .

Lisa aka "The Angry Met Fan"

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