Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Be Prepared

Tomorrow is officially D Day. We are insanely excited. Thanks to Southwest policy, we've already checked in and printed off our boarding passes! All we need to do now is check our luggage when we get to the airport (please, please, please no heavy fees!). Erin and Matt are already there, having landed in Chicago on Saturday afternoon. Serena cannot wait to see her biotch again. The last time they saw each other was last March! Obviously, when traveling, you need to create a certain check list in order to make sure that you do not forget anything before leaving.

1. It is always important to not appear pasty white when wearing shorts. Therefore, it is necessary to add a safe glow (we stress safe) to your skin before vacation. Some choose sunless tanner. We chose Tobay Beach on an overcast day and sunblock. 2. It is necessary to cash in all of the change you have managed to save since your last stadium trip (August 2008 to be exact). We hit the TD Bank's Penny Arcade and came up with $260! Last year we had only been able to set aside $180. We've got two nights paid for of our hotel bill. Suh-weet.

3. When staying for more than one night, it is always good to pack a suitcase. Since we are notorious for being slapped with heavy stickers (and last year being dinged for a $50 fine for being a lousy 2 pounds over), this is always an ordeal.
Serena's so efficient that she's had her clothes and carry on bag packed for two weeks now. Yes, she's double checked to make sure the Cubs and White Sox tickets are packed. Especially after receiving a disturbing call from Erin this morning where Erin confessed that she's been trying to contact her landlord because she forgot the baseball tickets! We really hope he calls her back so that he can ship them overnight to her hotel. It will be a total bummer if they can't sit with us because they had to buy last minute crap seats to the games. Lisa has made sure to pack our furry friends. Mr. Met is important enough to travel via Lisa's carry on along with Yankees Bear (who is currently squished in Serena's carry on between a bag of cracker jacks, her black pumps, and the Chicago travel guide). The rest are far too numerous to fit in the carry on. Into the suitcase you go, our little entourage!

4. It is generally a good idea to get ones nails and toes done. It's relaxing and it's simply a nice thing to do for the fellow travel passengers who may be forced to stare at your feet in flip flops. Besides, if you're anything like us, you do a lot of walking when on vacation. Trust us, your feet will be begging you for a pedicure. 5. It's a good idea to tend to your personal business before departing. Leaving loose ends untied isn't recommended. Be sure to pay your bills ahead of time to avoid late fees from accidentally missing the due date because you are funning in the sun. Tidy up so that you don't feel stressed by walking into a warfare riddled home. Personally, we've made sure to handle some very important Blogger issues prior to our trip. The TBB will soon take over the world!

6. Naturally, like most people, we will be shoveling tons of food in our pie holes while we are on vacation. We can practically smell the Chicago deep dish pizza and stadium dogs already. Eating like this on a daily basis will most likely not benefit our womanly physique. To combat the inevitable, we've made sure to pump it up at the gym as often as possible before departure.
7. Finally, the most important piece to the travel puzzle. Collecting our large number of good luck charms. When flying, you should always make sure to carry something in order to ensure safe passage. Everything is completely out of your hands once you're in the air, so you should try to benefit yourself in any way possible. Some people choose prescription drugs or booze. We choose ethnic good luck charms. We have everything from a St. Anthony medallion to a Lord Ganesh charm. We never fly without them. We will not leave one culture unturned in our never ending search for more good luck charms. One day we will have so many that we will probably need a separate carry on bag for them. Before leaving you, we have one more piece of news to share with you. We feel it's important because we know how much it means to you when we share these wonderful tid bits of information with you. Barry Zito has won his second game! OHMYGOD! Stop everything! He actually won another game. He and the Giants were able to defeat the pesky Florida Marlins on Friday 2-1. Zito lasted 5 innings (which isn't really that impressive, but whatever), only giving up 1 run on 4 hits. His fantastic record now stands at 2-6. His next start is tomorrow night against the Diamondbacks. Did somebody say celebration party? Go on, Barry. Shake your groove thang.

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