Friday, June 5, 2009

Send Us On Our Way (On Our Way)

We are four days away from our Great Chicago Adventure! In anticipation of this event, Mr. Met has joined the party. At first Mr. Met's owner, MJ, wasn't very forthcoming in loaning Mr. Met. Thankfully, he went to a meeting and Serena went into his unlocked office and borrowed him. He will soon be joining the rest of our traveling entourage in Lisa's carry on bag. For those of you unfamiliar with the Traveling Baseball Mascot Babes, please refer to any of the posts under our Stadium Tour link. There are many pictures for you to feast your eyes upon. The gang will be meeting a new friend at US Cellular Field. His name is South Paw, but we shall not divulge too much information until after we get back so as to keep you in suspense. In an effort to protect Mr. Met from his master, Mr. Met will be driving with Lisa via her designer handbag to the Core Lab, where he will spend the rest of his day labeling specimens and calling physicians.

Last week's poll was a bit of a success for us. We had a total of 9 votes!! This is a record for the TBB blog. 66% of the votes went in favor of Mr. Met, though we suspect that if Laurie had been an option, she would've won. Since we will be at Wrigley Field next Friday, we're extending the time on the new poll from one week to two. This gives you ample time to vote, so...please vote. We're aiming to double our new record, so do not fail us. In celebration of the Subway Series coming up on 6/12-6/14, our poll will have a Mets/Yankees rivalry theme...sort of. In a sarcastic, typical TBB kind of way.

Today's baseball notes: Zito shall not be named (and we all know why). Congratulations to Randy Johnson for getting his 300th win! Especially with a team who cannot score runs. AJ Burnett is appealing his 6-game suspension for not hitting Nelson Cruz at Tuesday night's game against the Rangers. Perhaps there would've been no punishment had he hit him...preferably in the rear. David Ortiz is getting his eyes checked in hopes that it will help his offensive slide. Finally, on to the Bad News Mets. Apparently the entire lineup has some sort of injury (whether it's physical, mental, or emotional) and Lisa is on the verge of admitting herself to Zucker Hillside's psychiatric ward. Not only are Reyes, Church, Delgado, Beltran (and his swine flu), and the back ups to the back up players on the DL, but so is Lisa's parrot, Little Ben. And by Lisa's parrot, we mean Serena's bird who Lisa has borrowed to complete her Pirate fanhood and now appears to be suffering from an array of problems, including an insect bite. Even the Putz has joined the Boo Boo Brigade as he is getting his elbow examined this afternoon.

On to beating a dead horse...we've recently emailed Mr. Zack Zeigler (who, from what we've researched, is not related to the wonderful Brad Zeigler) from regarding his asinine interview with Baseball Barbie. Tech Support Sean has assured us that our letter is well-written and has good evidence to support our arguments. He also said that we do not sound crazy or bitter. Thankfully, he did not read our initial draft that included a lot of foul language and insults stolen from the movie, Mean Girls. We have not received a response to our letter yet, so the countdown begins. Will Zack Zeigler reply to the Traveling Baseball Babes? Or will he write us off as crazy, jealous, and bitter b*tches? Time will only tell. If we do hear back from him, you'll be the first to know!

Until then...
Peace, Baseball, and Bite Me,
The Traveling Baseball Babes : )

In the words of Ugly Kid Joe, "Some day I got a bad attitude,but that don't change the way I feel about you, if you think all this might be bringing me down,look again cause I ain't wearin' no frown...everything about you, I get sick when I'm around your book, I can't stand to read about you, I hate everything about you!" Thank goodness Ugly Kid Joe is just as angry as we are.


  1. Hi, Serena. Thanks for visiting Lady At The Bat. What a cool project you and Lisa have got going! I do an internet radio show; perhaps you can come on the show to talk about your trips. Email me:

    Enjoy Chicago!

  2. You guys should do Bernadette's show. She's great. So will you be back by 6/17? I'm flying in from CA and will be at that game against the Nats. Would love to say hi. I'm probably having a signing before the game at Stan's.