Thursday, July 2, 2009

Greetings from the Ford Focus!

We write to you from the undisclosed location in the Ford Focus. We sincerely hope it rains soon so that we can finally have cool air circulating. Serena worries that Lisa might suffer from a heat stroke. We think there's a good chance for rain because it's rained everyday for months now and the sky is becoming more grey. Before we get started on today's agenda, we'd like to point out that we have two polls for you to vote on this week. Please, if you do vote, be sure to do so on both polls so that our stats are not lopsided.

Speaking, of polls, we have last week's results to discuss! The poll asked our faithful readers to tell us what they thought would happen during the Subway Series. We topped out at 10 votes and it was a close race. 3 people felt that Johnny Damon will most certainly bounce a ball to the cut off man. Close behind with 2 votes was David Wright farting instead of doing something with runners in scoring position and that neither team will get a hit, making the series drag on forever. The rest of the options, Carlos Beltran will not slide, Derek Jeter will hit into a double play, and that Mr. Met would go postal and take out both teams, were all tied with 1 lousy vote.

Today's baseball's notes: Yesterday afternoon, Mike Pelfrey stopped the bleeding for the Mets, lasting 7.2 innings with 6 strikeouts. The Mets defeated the Brewers 1-0. Last night, the Rays' 7- game winning streak ended. Toronto won 5-0. Despite suffering this loss, the Rays managed to climb out of the basement and have taken over 3rd place in the AL East, being 5 games out. Barry Zito earned a no decision on 6/27 when the Giants took on the Brewers. He lasted 5.2 innings, allowing 3 hits. The damage occurred in the bottom of the 6th, when we walked two batters and then gave up a home run. His bull pen would go on to lose the game 7-6. His record remains at 4-7. His next start is at St. Louis tonight (7/2). This weekend, Toronto comes to town to face the Yankees, while the Mets travel to play the dreaded Phillies. As we type, the Mets are in a rain delay, waiting to play the Pirates, Lisa's second love, in a make up game. Going into the holiday weekend, the Division Leaders are as follows: Boston (AL East), Philly (NL East), Detroit (AL Central), Milwaukee (NL Central), and both LA teams currently dominate the West.

We have to sign off now because bugs are trying to invade our traveling "office." We suppose this is something we should get used to since now we are exposed to nature. We close this week's post with Neil Diamond singing, "Everywhere around the world they're coming to America. Every time that flag's unfurled, they're coming to America!" Since the TBB will be out of action this weekend for the holiday, we'll take this moment to wish everyone a very HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

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