Friday, August 14, 2009

Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day!

Welcome to Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day. What’s that you say? You didn’t know it was Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day? You did not see it marked on your calendar? Oh, well you better mark it down yourself then because from this point forward, August 14th shall forever be known as Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day.

Our budding friendship began last year in San Francisco, but we first made eyes at him at Shea Stadium the season before. He didn't know it then, but we would soon become the bestest friends in the whole wide world when we traveled to the west coast. Please, don't confuse this whole situation with BFFer Zrad Biegler. He is a separate entitity entirely. From what we understand from a whole night of drinking with Tim at Delaney's, the Bay Area teams like to rumble. For example, Tim claims that he'd never go bowling with Zrad simply because of Zrad's uniform. Playing in the Bay Area is tougher than New York!

While in San Francisco, Tim showed us around town. Some of the many places he showed us was Pier 39 to see the seals, we ate dinner at cute little Thai place on Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Baker Beach. Since he was our tour guide, we offered to drive in our rental convertible. This greatly excited him because he owns a Chevy Nova.
In addition to a tour of the city, he took us to the San Francisco Zoo.
Because we’re such excellent friends with him and we have such an awesome good time when we hang out, we’ve decided to retire his number and make Tim an honorary Traveling Baseball Babe. When we told him the news, he was thrilled. One might have thought that he'd be scared, but he wasn't. After all, our blog is all in good fun, right?
In celebration of Tim Lincecum Appreciation day, we’re listing some fun facts about the newest addition to the Traveling Baseball Babes. Did you know…
that while he throws right handed, he bats left?
he was born in 1984, making him the youngest TBB? However, his facial age appears to be 10
he is the current reigning NL Cy Young Award Winner?
his nicknames are “Seabiscuit,” “The Franchise,” and “The Freak?” We like to call him Tim or Tiny Tim, but you can’t call him that. That’s our pet name for him.
that he is 5’11’’ and weighs 172 lbs.? This fun fact was especially shocking to Serena, who was convinced that they both weighed the same. At least he’s not lighter than her…
that in his pitching repertoire is a two-seam fastball that clocks in the mid-90’s consistently, a change up, a curve ball, and a slider?
that his adorable, charming face graces the cover of the video game MLB 2K9?
as of 8/11, he already has 205 strike outs recorded in 172.1 innings pitched, an ERA of 2.19, a WHIP of 1.02, and a win-loss record of 12-3?
as of 8/11, for his career, his strike out total is 620 in 545.2 innings pitched, an ERA of 2.85, a WHIP of 1.15, and a win-loss record of 37-13?

Before we continue with the rest of the blog, it's time to annouce that yesterday was one of your TBB's birthdays...Lisa! Happy Birthday to Lisa! Tomorrow, we will celebrate by partying hard, attending a Mets game, and attempting to meet Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum, Daniel Murphy, and....MR. MET. It's a full itinerary. We've given up on David Wright. If he wants us, he should come find us. We will be the ones in field level wearing party hats.
Today’s Baseball Notes: Over this past weekend, the Yankees actually swept the Red Sox. Many people are excited by this, however Serena is not as jubiliant. Why? Because the Red Sox still have a better win-loss record this season with 8-4. Aaron Boone returns to baseball less than 5 months after open heart surgery. On Monday night, he played for Corpus Christi Hooks (an double A affiliate with the Houston Astros). He played thirdbase and was hitless in two AB's before leaving the game. Pedro Martinez made his first start with the Phillies on Wednesday night, lasting 5 innings, giving up 7 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk, and striking out 5. The Phillies would go on to defeat the Cubs 12-5. Finally, the Red Sox have designated John Smoltz for assignment. On Wednesday, he informed the Sox that he had no interest in a relief role. By Sunday's deadline, he will either be traded or released. In Mets news, Johan Santana takes the mound tonight against Serena's boyfriend, Barry Zito. And by boyfriend, she means, the man she'd like to "cuddle" with. And you can interpret the word, "cuddle" as you see fit.

On to last week's poll results. We asked you if you wanted your favorite players to serve you root beer floats. Out of 11 total votes, 5 of you definitely wanted root beer floats. 2 of you, creepy individuals, would rather have a Keith Hernandez mustache than a root beer float. Perhaps you should check yourself into a psych ward. 1 pervert wanted root beer floats only if the players wore bikinis. Really? Who wants to see David Ortiz in a bikini. You makes us sick! Last but not least, 3 of you want us to serve you root beer floats in bikinis. Why thank you. We sincerely hope this is a genuine request and not some way to try to boost our self esteem.

"Let me tell you about our best friend, Tim Lincecum..."

Just an FYI: none of this is real gossip (with the exception of Lincecum's stats under "Fun Facts"). This is meant purely for laughs. Please do not report to The Enquirer. Furthermore, we have no idea if Zrad Biegler and Tim Lincecum really have beef.

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  1. From Anonymous #2 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA !!

  2. hi girls!loved this entry!the pictures are too funny!lmao!! i like tim as well, although i think its because his hair is very much like my little ashtons "tunny". maybe he will grow up to be like tim lol!as usual you made my friday complete! love, steph oh and of courseonce again happy birthday to my bffer lisa

  3. AMAZING!!!!! I have no idea if my comment as a rookie groupie of your blog who remains quasi-anonymous was what compelled you to take a leap of faith and institue Tim Lincecum Appreciation Day, but who cares? This national holiday was long overdue! As if your blog wasn't amazing already!

  4. Awesome post. Sadly, I picked up on your blog too late.


  5. Thanks! Never fear this August will bring yet another post on Tim Lincecum Appreciation day :)