Friday, October 9, 2009

Adventures in Division Play

As usual, we’ll start off with last week’s poll results. We asked you if you watched the playoffs even though your team may not have made it. Out of 10 votes, 4 of you said that you’ve moved on to the football season because you were highly dissatisfied with your baseball team of choice. The football season is still early and therefore fantasies of a Super Bowl in the near future are still vibrant. Okay. We can understand that. We don’t agree, but we can understand. 3 of you bleed for the MLB, so OF COURSE you’ll be tuning into the playoffs. You are truly dedicated souls. 1 dirty bird would only tune into the playoffs if it included a naked person running across the field during the game. What if the naked person was Keith Hernandez? Would you still stand by that decision? 2 of you are unable to watch the playoffs because you are currently locked up in a mental institution and are relegated to endless hours of Parliament sessions and the Antique Roadshow on the BBC. We apologize for your “situation.” Best of luck in your padded cell.

We have a few exciting developments to inform you regarding “Team Fred.” The first, and most important, news is that we’ve finally come up with a new name (that to our knowledge, no one from Sloan Kettering uses). We’ve decided on “Fred K’s Cancer” (as in strike out, people! This is a baseball-themed blog, after all). Our next step is to come up with an image that best represent our team. Tech Support Sean suggested using a backwards “K” (as in cancer strikes out looking) in the colors of the cancers’ ribbons. Thoughts? Better suggestions? Email us! Wait…there’s more good news regarding the team formerly known as “Team Fred.” The Oral Cancer Foundation is now on board as well! Okay, we admit that this is probably better news than the fact that we’ve finally come up with a name for our cause. Both the OC Foundation and Sean Kimerling Testicular Foundation are sending us packages to help in our fundraising. The SKT Foundation is sending us hats for us to wear while traveling and the OC Foundation has included pins in theirs. We’ll be fastening the pins to the hats so that we can advertise the foundations simultaneously. Once we receive the packages, we’ll be sure to post pictures here and on Facebook so that you can see.

Speaking of Facebook, it has come to our attention that several people have had difficulty in finding our page! We’ve discovered that you cannot search for “Traveling Baseball Babes” because nothing happens when you do that. Apparently, you have to search “traveling baseball” and we’ll pop up under “pages.” A bit ridiculous, yes, but we’re not the creators of Facebook. We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion that this may have caused.

Today’s Baseball Notes: Naturally, this section will be dealing entirely with the Division Series…considering there’s really nothing else to talk about. Let’s cover what’s already happened first. The Yankees lead their series over the Twins 1-0. While the Twins may have gotten their rears kicked on Wednesday night, they put up an awesome fight against Detroit on Tuesday so major props to them for not giving up! We suspect that they will not go down in this ALDS without push back either. Yesterday afternoon, the Rockies tied up the series against the Phillies by defeating Cole Hamel 5-4. This made Lisa super happy. Since she is a fan wh*re, we’re pretty sure that she’ll be sporting a Rockies poncho soon. Last night, the Angels finally broke the curse and won a playoff game against Boston, defeating Jon Lester 5-0. Go Angels! Unfortunately, the Dodgers took game 2 last night all thanks to Matt Holliday’s awesome blunder in the bottom of the 9th with two outs. Well, Matt…the positive thing to remember is that you’re still good looking. Granted, if the Cardinals lose this series, you’ll go down in history as the Cardinals’ Bill Buckner, but DAMN! You fine!

Now…onto what’s going on this weekend! Game 2 of the Yankees/Twins series will be on TBS tonight at 6:07 pm. AJ Burnett will be taking the mound (with Molina behind the plate) against Nick Blackburn. The Angels/Red Sox game 2 will follow at 9:37 pm with Jered Weaver pitching against Josh Beckett. On Saturday, game 3 for the Dodgers and Cardinals will get underway in St. Louis. Thanks to good ole’ Matt, it’s do or die for the Cards. Vincente Padilla will be taking the mound for LA, while Joel Pineiro will try to stop the bleeding for St. Louis. More game 3 action will be happening in Colorado. Jason Hammel will get the start for the Rockies against Pedro Martinez and his midget. On Sunday, the Red Sox and Angels play game 3 at Fenway. We suspect that this will be the true test for the Angels. Clay Buchholz will take on Scott Kazmir. Should the Cardinals win tomorrow, game 4 will take place following the early Red Sox/Angels game. Chad Billingsley will go for the Dodgers and as of this afternoon, the Cardinals have yet to announce their starter. Rumor has it that they’ve called Brad Ziegler in since it’s obvious no one on the A’s is currently doing anything. It should be interesting since we’ve only seen Ziegler pitch one inning at any given time. Game 3 for the Yankees and Twins will take place in the Metrodome and involves Crash Test Dummy Carl Pavano and Andy Pettitte. Maybe Pavano will break a nail and have to go on the DL before then. Game 4 of the Rockies/Phillies game will be aired quite late on Sunday (10:05 ET) and the pitching match up has yet to be determined.

Leslie Gore summarized last night best when she sang, “It’s Matt Holliday’s party and he can cry if he wants to, cry if he wants to. You would cry too if you blew the game like he did!”

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  1. Looks like being a great playoffs. With Cards and Sox already out. I'm very happy :)