Friday, October 16, 2009

The Heat is On…It’s on the Street

Last week we asked you what you thought players did if they weren’t in the post season and 11 of you answered the call! This must be some sort of TBB poll record. The leader of the pack with 7 votes is that they buy two flashy cars with the enormous paycheck they don’t really deserve since they clearly didn’t do anything to help their team make it to the post season. We’re happy to see that our readers are just as jaded as we are. Next runner up with only 2 votes is the theory that players wrestle anacondas with Austin Stevens Snakemaster in their spare time. *Shudder* 1 person felt that players probably play mini golf all day, every day. While this is something that we may do if we had more money than say, George Steinbrenner, we sincerely doubt that there are many (if any) MLB players who would consider spending their days doing this. It is more likely that they’d rather drive around in golf carts, wearing plaid pants and pretending to be Tiger Woods. Another person thought that players definitely go to Vegas in the off season and perform part time as a Pussycat Doll. We don’t think that this happens either, but that being said, we’d definitely pay good money to see Houston Street shaking his goodies on stage in a corset and thigh-highs. No one voted for the option of spending a lot of time at yoga retreats. We find this a little ridiculous because we know for a fact of one player in particular who’d fit right in at a yoga retreat. We don’t want to single anyone out by mentioning specific names, but we will tell you that it sounds like Zarry Bito. Sadly, “Releasing negative energy by ‘reflecting’ during private time” garnered no votes either. This is completely depressing! As far as Serena’s concerned, she firmly believes that they take part in this activity DURING the season and therefore it’s only natural that they’d do this during the off season as well.

On Sunday, Serena will be walking for Grannydukes in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Jones Beach. Please pray for her that she won’t have to suffer through 5 miles in a downpour. If you wish to contribute to the cause, the link to her fundraising page is located on the sidebar to the right. As you may or may not have read on Facebook (especially if you’re not our fan), we’ve received our care packages from the Oral Cancer Foundation and Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation! Megan (OC Foundation) sent us brochures galore filled with information regarding the foundation and oral cancer, stickers, clever buttons, and several silver pins. Below is a picture of a pin (we apologize for it not being that clear, but the glare from the lights on the pin made picture taking a bit difficult).
Rosemary (SKTC Foundation) sent us quite possibly the best hats in the world. If you look closely (particularly at Lisa’s hat), you will notice that we fastened one of the pins sent by Megan to the hat so that we can promote both foundations at the same time. We’re not just hat racks, ya know!
This is what the back of the best hat in the damn world looks like (Go on! Seize them!):
Well…the Division Series was pretty exciting despite it consisting mostly of sweeps. Thanks to Matt Holliday, the Dodgers cleaned house in that NLDS. We wonder if Holliday goes to sleep every night with the haunting image of a ball hitting the green grass instead of his mitt. Despite winning game 2, the Rockies really blew the games in their own ball park and allowed the Phillies to advance to the most heinous NLCS known to man. Dodger versus Phillies? Really? Why? Now we’re forced to pick between a man who looks like a smellier version of Pig Pen in a crusty helmet and a team whose fans gave us the worst stadium experience to date. The Angels man handled the Red Sox, which filled Serena with a pleasure she’s never known before. This is what it must feel like to win the lottery. The Yankees swept the Twins, but not without the Twins making the games interesting. Serena felt that it was clear that the Twins’ offense suffered from the lack of *sigh* Justin Morneau’s bat.

Since there hasn’t been a rant like this in awhile, here we go! We noticed last night during game 1 of NLCS that Alyssa Milano was nowhere to be seen in the stands. Did anyone happen to catch a glimpse of her? If a celebrity was present at the game, wouldn’t they be shown on television? Especially one who has written an entire book about what a huge Dodgers/baseball fan she is. Correct us if we’re wrong, but we believe the exact quote was that she “bleeds blue.” Contrary to the regular season, last night, the Phillies’ pitching dominated during the later innings while the Dodgers’ pitching seemed a bit confused. This afternoon is game 2 of the NLDS. Lisa hopes that an enormous flying saucer lands in the middle of the field and abducts both teams and Alyssa Milano. Due to this unfortunate circumstance, the MLB will be forced to choose two other teams to compete for the National League title. Two teams that we’d rather watch. Perhaps the San Francisco Giants (if Zarry Bito isn’t too busy in the downward dog) and the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Can the Yankees stop Torii Hunter and the Angels from repeating the last ALCS that they met in? Tonight is game 1 of the ALCS. Hopefully, the rain holds out long enough to actually get the game in (a little drizzle never hurt anyone). Tomorrow night, AJ Burnett and Joe Saunders will get the start for game 2. If CC wins tonight, we’ll be more confident for tomorrow. However, if he loses, there will be a lot of hand wringing and breath holding tomorrow while watching AJ.

Today’s baseball notes (and yes, surprisingly enough, we have a few that are not related to the playoffs): Late last week, Phillies pitcher, while recovering from surgery, Jamie Moyer developed a blood infection. Yikes! How does that even happen when you’re in a hospital? On Monday, the Chicago Cubs filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Do you think they’ll go on sale for something so cheap that the TBB can afford to invest? As in…$1? Billy Wagner announced that he’s considering retiring just shy of 400 saves. This immediately prompted Lisa to do a happy dance, though she’d love to know why he couldn’t have done this when he was with the Mets. Yesterday, Jose Reyes had surgery in Texas to clean scar tissue from the torn hamstring tendon behind his knee. He is expected to be ready for spring training. Will his attitude be fixed by then as well? Last night was game 1 of the NLCS and featured a pitching duel between Cole Hamels and Clayton Kershaw. Phillies ended the game on top 8-6. Game 2 action begins this afternoon at 4:07 pm on TBS. Pedro Martinez will take the mound for Philadelphia and Vincente Padilla will get the start for LA. Later tonight at 7:57 on FOX, New York’s CC Sabathia will take on Anaheim’s John Lackey. If their last performances are a glimpse of what tonight may bring, it’s gonna be a good one!

Finally, Congratulations to Meryl and Kevin on their engagement!

Bono and U2 belted out our feelings when they wrote this classic: "with or without the phillies! we can't live with or without the phillies…on a bed of nails they make us wait. Nothing to win and nothing left to lose..."

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Amazing, amazing game last night. (That's right. It was so amazing I had to say it twice!) I'm still sitting here exhausted from screaming and pacing and burying my head in my hands. But now the Yanks are up 2-0 and they're heading to my part of the country. I wish they could come over for dinner! LOL.

  2. She-Fan, last night's game left me breathless! I spent the last half of the game standing directly in front of the television (as if that could help the situation unfold in favor of the Yankees).

    So...can we come to this dinner party you're hosting for the Yankees? ; ) I'd like to hold a brief inservice, reminding the team about how to properly field a ground ball in preparation for the upcoming games in LA. We don't want anymore silly errors taking place!

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